Roaching is the new dating trend alert on dating apps

‘Roaching’ trend arising from the word cockroach and representing the activity of a nasty insect is the latest activity of the members of dating apps. As the name goes, it is an act of hiding the truth that you are eyeing other people along with your love partner. One always doubts his/her partner when they get any indication of it. In this activity, the newfound lover realizes that their partner is in fact having many other partners much like the ickiness of the insect.

Roaching can be noted in the behavior of the roaching red flags as they call them. Roaching red flags usually hide important details from their love partner, does not respond to text messages, changes plans without prior intimation, and might probably go offline to calls. The desire to have sex with multiple partners is the most obvious reason for roaching by individuals. This activity of roaching is only expected to increase by partners as the pandemic is nearing an end and one can meet new people more easily.

This trend might be referred to as a dirty one by some but some may accept that it is the nature of an individual to be involved in roaching for the purpose of friendship, love, or sex. Some people might term it as cheating and might be hurt whereas others might not mind their partner eyeing or even sleeping with other people.

Roaching might not be an acceptable trend and maybe an unpleasant one but it leads to sex which makes us realize that having safe sex is important and one should always be honest to their partner in their conversations.

Identity verification feature introduced for safe dating on tinder

The new feature of ID verification will be available on tinder to all the members around the globe except in parts of the world that are restricted by law. The dating app will take reviews from members, recommendations from experts, and also decide the necessary documents most appropriate for different countries, keeping in mind the local laws and regulations for the introduction of this feature.

Tinder first introduced this feature in japan in 2019. ID Verification feature is now planned to be introduced all over the world initially as a voluntary option. Rory Kozoll, Head of Trust and Safety Product at Tinder said “ID verification is complex and nuanced, which is why we are taking a test-and-learn approach to rollout”.

Tinder has always made sure their members feel comfortable and safe and gained confidence in them with reliable matches. Tinder has introduced 10 key safety features in the past two years like photo verification, face-to-face video chat, and more. With the introduction of the ID verification feature, tinder believes the members can be safer as the matches become more authentic thereby allowing them to take benefit of interacting with people without any hesitance.

The introduction of the ID verification feature will be challenging due to the mindset of traditionally marginalized communities and law restrictions in different countries but when introduced will gain more popularity and attract members throughout the globe and allow them to enjoy safe dating.

Dated and related confirmed to stream on Netflix

With the success of Too hot to handle and Love is blind, Netflix to stream a brand new dating show where siblings will help each other find love. Dated and related comes with a tagline “Imagine having to think about your sibling dating – how they flirt, how they treat their partners, and what their signature moves are”. This dating reality show allows pairs of siblings to find their dream partner by seeing each other’s love life personally.

According to sources, the show is being filmed in France with some interesting and great characters with an international cast and is believed to have the potential to be a successful one. This reality show will have a handful of people who have been unsuccessful to find a partner. The show involves siblings as they are obviously the ones who know each other better than probably their friends and others around them. In this dating show, people around the world will watch brothers and sisters experience the new world of dating alongside one another. This might give the viewers some lovely moments and also some embarrassing ones. The show promises to be a heart-warming one as siblings go on a joyride in finding partners for dating.

The date of release is presently unavailable and it might take time to release the date for streaming as people await to see dated and related for some interesting dating stories and some awkward ones.

The rise of virtual dating in pandemic in India

Online dating is now a well-known and widespread activity in people’s daily lives. Among many virtual dating apps available online, tinder is commonly used for so-called easy access dating, location-based dating, or micro-dating with display picture-based profiles. During the pandemic, the country has been affected badly in all sectors including the interaction of people for match-making and dating, this has seen a rapid rise in people moving towards virtual dating. Virtual dating has not only allowed people to spend more time online for social interaction but also for finding love.

According to sources, the loneliness of the pandemic led to a 42% increase in matches per member, an increase in swipes by 11% and 53% of internet users agree that mobile online dating apps have allowed themselves to find a suitable match because they have access to a lot of people at their fingertips. With virtual dating, people have found new ways of social interaction, finding friends, and love which are different compared to pre-pandemic days. The vaccinations are going on rapidly in the country and people’s lives and economy have revived partly back to normal. It will be interesting now to see if people go back to traditional ways especially in dating and match-making or persist with digital dating.

It is now a noted fact that although born out of necessity, virtual dating has become the new normal especially with the busy schedule not allowing time for dating in people’s lives.


Dating apps: A Revolution to find matches in India

The various ways by which people can find their love are through family meetings, friends, sudden encounters. Some people use dating apps to find themselves a match. The use of dating apps is not a recent activity among people, but earlier people were reluctant to use them.

Before the pandemic, dating apps were never popularized because people hesitated to accept that they met their loved ones through the apps. After the pandemic, online dating has become the new normal. It is observed that women’s first dating app has shown 50 percent of single women no longer feel shy to say they met their loved one through dating apps. Women now believe that dating apps provide a safe environment to express their ideas and thoughts which could help them ultimately decide the best for their future and also ease out the work for their parents in finding the right match. There are more interesting facts like 44 percent of women who were against using dating apps, realized that this is the best possible way to find a match during the pandemic. This shows that there is a change in the approach of the people in the country towards mobile and PC dating apps. This change is not just observed in the metropolitan cities but also in small towns and districts.

Dating apps have become more reliable, convenient and helped both men and women find their love interests all around the world.

65% Indians go for freedom over money-Told by OkCupid

Freedom is an important part in everyone’s life especially among teenagers with boys and girls being more expressive in their views and making decisions for their future compared to the traditional days when they were more dependent on their parents and family.

Freedom in life can be freedom of speech, freedom from fear, freedom for and against love and marriage, and the most important being financial freedom. The dating app, OkCupid has been conducting various surveys pertaining to aspects of freedom, and its users have been vocal about their views around the various nuances of freedom. According to OkCupid, 39 percent people prefer financial freedom to be the most liberating, 73 percent people are independent in their thoughts, speech, and support themselves, 68 percent people allow freedom to their partners in the relationship, 73 percent people are particular in maintaining personal bank accounts for their finances especially in a long term relationship. The other important debate is regarding the security of individuals. The views of teenagers regarding freedom over safety are equally divided, but there is a slight preference in people opting for freedom without worrying about safety concerns. Freedom might be important in everyone’s life, but the extent of freedom for its various aspects in life is different for every individual in their approach towards it.

As a result, the research has said that freedom is chosen over money with 65 percent people opting for more freedom and 35 percent opting for money

Facebook’s dating app Sparked has a new feature now

As we know, Facebook has recently launched a new dating app named Sparked. The app is now available in many countries and is working well. For this app, Facebook has kept the UI very simple and reliable. You do not have to spend much time understanding how does it work. It is easy to use app currently going on in many countries. But if you want to use the app, you must be from the selected countries where the app is currently running. This app is from the NPE system of Facebook which means the new product experiment team where they experiment on various new products and since this dating concept is quite a new thing for Facebook, they are now experimenting it.

Recently, the app has come up with a new feature called audio chat. In this feature, users are able to talk to their friends via audio messages. Till now, only messaging feature was enabled but since the app has got some good results, they have come up with this new feature for their audience.

Apart from this feature, Facebook is also going to add some more features such as match and lucky pick where people can find someone outside their preference area.

What do you think about this app? Are you currently using it or planning to use it when it arrives in your country? Please let us know in the comment section.




How to find love on CH? Know here

As we have discussed previously, Clubhouse is an emerging app that has taken everyone’s attention these days. You can easily make an account on this app and download it from the app store. Also, since the app is free of cost, there is no need to worry about paying anything for the app. But how to find your partner on Clubhouse app? To know this, you need to follow some certain groups like Shoot your shot, tinder night, etc. There are various such dating groups available that might be in your feed if you choose to date as your interest. But apart from that, there are things you need to do to make your profile look tempting. Let us figure them out now.

  • Make your profile complete. If your profile is complete that is with a profile picture and a bio, you are more likely to be considered as a real profile and you can get lucky easily.
  • Keep your bio short and simple. If you haven’t updated your bio, do it now. Or if you have done that but your bio is not simple, please make it simple and professional so that people can know you more.
  • Link your social media handles- There is an option in the app to link your Instagram and Twitter to the app. Do that and keep your profile complete so that people can reach out to you.
  • Be active- If you keep on going to those groups, you are most likely to find people with the same interests like you.

Can you find love on ClubHouse? Know here

Clubhouse is a new app that has become the talk of the town these days. Everyone is talking about this app. Initially, the app worked only with invites but now, people are able to sign up by themselves due to which there is a sudden hike in the users of this app. You do not have to wait until someone lets you in. You can easily register and get started with the app.

Ever since the app has launched, people are claiming to be a new tinder. The reason being the groups such as shoot your shot Club being famous in it. And many have considered it the right place to find a perfect love. To know about it, we have asked some experts and users.

According to one expert,  “Amid the filtered, image-conscious sea of dating apps and social media, an audio-only medium can increase the possibility of authentic connection by facilitating deeper intimacy, less self-consciousness, and greater vulnerability without distractions.

Getting to know a person is fundamentally based on listening, which happens to be the core component of the app. Moreover, when we genuinely feel listened to and heard, we tend to share more—creating a positive cycle of getting to know a person at a deeper level. Voice conveys nuance and emotion in a way that can help people really learn about each other on a deeper level,”

What is your take on this? Please share.

How India has changed its views over dating during the pandemic

As we know, the pandemic hit our world so bad that people have changed their way of living totally. Schools are opening online, colleges are giving their whole sessions online, coaching is also working online and from groceries to everything else, everything is shifted online these days. And so is the dating concept. In a country like India, people were quite narrow-minded in terms of dating. Using a dating site was taboo and still is in many regions. However, after the pandemic, things have changed drastically.

People are more into dating online than traditional dating concepts. In India, during the lockdown, 60% of people have registered themselves in these dating apps which is a way more number than any of the time ever. Also, apart from men, women have taken part in dating apps which were not a common thing to see earlier.

But does that mean that we have changed after the pandemic hit us? Well, certainly, yes. You can say that there is a big change in terms of dating apps users during the lockdown. But is it a good change or not? You decide and let us know in the comment section.