Facebook’s dating app Sparked has a new feature now

As we know, Facebook has recently launched a new dating app named Sparked. The app is now available in many countries and is working well. For this app, Facebook has kept the UI very simple and reliable. You do not have to spend much time understanding how does it work. It is easy to use app currently going on in many countries. But if you want to use the app, you must be from the selected countries where the app is currently running. This app is from the NPE system of Facebook which means the new product experiment team where they experiment on various new products and since this dating concept is quite a new thing for Facebook, they are now experimenting it.

Recently, the app has come up with a new feature called audio chat. In this feature, users are able to talk to their friends via audio messages. Till now, only messaging feature was enabled but since the app has got some good results, they have come up with this new feature for their audience.

Apart from this feature, Facebook is also going to add some more features such as match and lucky pick where people can find someone outside their preference area.

What do you think about this app? Are you currently using it or planning to use it when it arrives in your country? Please let us know in the comment section.




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