65% Indians go for freedom over money-Told by OkCupid

Freedom is an important part in everyone’s life especially among teenagers with boys and girls being more expressive in their views and making decisions for their future compared to the traditional days when they were more dependent on their parents and family.

Freedom in life can be freedom of speech, freedom from fear, freedom for and against love and marriage, and the most important being financial freedom. The dating app, OkCupid has been conducting various surveys pertaining to aspects of freedom, and its users have been vocal about their views around the various nuances of freedom. According to OkCupid, 39 percent people prefer financial freedom to be the most liberating, 73 percent people are independent in their thoughts, speech, and support themselves, 68 percent people allow freedom to their partners in the relationship, 73 percent people are particular in maintaining personal bank accounts for their finances especially in a long term relationship. The other important debate is regarding the security of individuals. The views of teenagers regarding freedom over safety are equally divided, but there is a slight preference in people opting for freedom without worrying about safety concerns. Freedom might be important in everyone’s life, but the extent of freedom for its various aspects in life is different for every individual in their approach towards it.

As a result, the research has said that freedom is chosen over money with 65 percent people opting for more freedom and 35 percent opting for money

Three things you must know while dating

If you are dating someone, you know that there are loads of do’s and don’t which you must follow. So in this article, we are going to learn some of those three things that you must do while dating.  So let us begin reading the same

  1. Clear with your intentions- No matter what, you must be very clear with your intentions. If you are dating someone, you should know whether you are serious or not and if you are, then you must treat your loved ones like the same. The intentions should be clear always.
  2. Don’t mess around- Be as loyal as you can. Do not mess around your relationship just because you like someone else. If you don’t want to be in a relationship, take a break or confess instead of messing around.
  3. Always take out time- No matter how busy you are, you must take out enough time for your relationship and partner. Do not be that busy that you are not able to even check on the person you love.

So these are some of the things you should do if you love someone.

Now you can filter out the climate change deniers by using OkCupid. Check and find out how

These days dating apps are being really weird and at the same time, interesting. We have got so many different features in those apps and now those filters are really of use when you want to talk to limited people. Such one different and weird feature is found in one of those common dating app OkCupid.

In this feature, the users will be allowed to filter out climate change deniers from their potential matches. Now even the environmental change will become a topic. People using the app has used the terms like environment, climate change, global warming, recycle and Greta thunberg.

On this, the company said- “On our app you can filter out anybody who thinks climate change is Fake News,” “Since your match percentage with someone shows how compatible you two are, if you are a climate change activist and they think climate change is fake news, your match percentage is going to decrease,”

For sure, it is a hot topic to talk now and that is why the company has used this feature to make it better for their users. What are your thoughts over the same? Please share it with us.

Dating App Bumble announced $5000 grant for women entrepreneurs

Dating app Bumble which is backed by Priyanka Chopra has announced the APAC Bumble Bizz pitch competition for the women entrepreneurs to empower them. The award of the competition is $5000 which will be awarded to the women funding businesses of countries of Asia.

The competition is going to be held in India, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the Philippines. The winners of the grant will get a chance to visit Sydney to attend the first Bumble Bizz Summit. The smmit is on October 10, 2019.

The women entrepreneur can apply or nominate themselves through any of the three modes which are available o the Bumble. The methods are- Date, BFF and Bizz and swipe through. The last date to apply for the competion is 27th september 2019 at 11:59 pm AEST(7:29 IST).

Bumble APAC Marketing Director Michelle Battersby told Marie Claire magazine. “In awarding the grants we’ll be looking for businesses that have a clear mission and aim to solve a real world problem. We’ll be asking applicants to show why their business exists, how it is currently funded, and how the grant will support future growth,”

Bumble was launched in india in december last year after the investment made by Priyanka Chopra. The tennis star Serena Williams is also one of the investor of the application.

The app was founded by Whitney Wolfe Herd in 2014, and is focused on empowering women, It encourages women to make their first move through the facility to first swipe in the app.

Ship lets your friends to find a Match for you

There are many dating apps available where you can find your perfect match as per your preference. But one of the is leaving all behind as it offers a facility where your friends would choose a partner for you. Ship is the dating app we are talking about here. It is a dating app developed by Match group and Betches Media. Recently they released the android version of Ship.

The app allows you to swipe to your friends after which your friends can find a match for you. You can share the profiles with your friends and discuss with them in group messages. This app also allows you to invite all your friends to join a ‘crew’. Their friend list may include parent, roommates and siblings. Group chat is provided where all the crew members would be able to discuss the dating profiles and the merits of demerits of these profiles. This app allows the members of this crew to swipe the profiles on your behalf.

This feature of the app is liked by many users and there are also some who don’t like it. Around 53% of the matches are made on this app by such crew members. One of the spokesperson of the ship said that many times friends and family have the right choice for us. This not the first time when dating apps started including friends, before this other apps have also done it.



Elites Single- an app to use for dating

There are so many apps present in these days which makes the choice difficult for a person to choose which dating app one should use. But if you want to know which dating app can be the genuine app and along with that, you won’t get harmed using the app, then we are going to tell you the same today. So many apps are present in the store but still only some apps are such apps which can be trusted and through which you really can choose your partner or make unlimited friends. So here we are talking about one app which will really help you in making a partner for life. So let us talk about the app in details now.

What is Elites Single and how can you use it?

Elites Single is the app one can use in order to find friends and make a partner for life. You can easily download this app from the store and after downloading this app, you can set your profile in this which should have your own picture, your bio, some things about you, your interest which should be enough for someone to know you. After knowing these things, one will try to talk to you for sure. The app is till now the best app has proven for the single. So yes, if you are looking for a dating app to use, you can use this app.

Grindr app- Is it worthy? Find out here.

When people fail to find their partners in their surroundings, they use such dating apps through which they can easily find their soulmate in one click. There are so many apps available but since everyone has their own different criteria and sexual preference, it is difficult for them to meet in one app because every other app is specialized for some sort of people. But there is one app through which you can meet any kind of people regardless of their sexual orientation. Be it a gay, bisexual, homosexual or lesbian, everyone can use this app and find their better half easily. So let us read about the app.

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Her Dating App revamp Profiles

A dating App which is available for the Women has now revamped the profiles. The application has introduced new things in it.

The app has now made people able to tell more about them using the categories like gender, sexuality, pronouns, diet preferences, star signs, drinking, smoking and cannabis habits, among others.  Her also added a special space to add bio in the profile. This feature was available in other dating apps, but wasn’t yet available for Her app. Therefore, to make the profiles more compelling, the application has added text bio space in the profiles.

The CEO of the HER app, Robyn Exton said “People used to worry about writing a bio but now they really want more ways to express themselves, and they want to see other people’s writing skills when they’re browsing profiles.”

The company has also added a What does this mean feature. This field would help users to know others more as it would convey all categories, gender, pronoun and sexuality.

HER is a rebranded version of Daatch, and was launched four years back. It is a platform for women to meet each other and express themselves. The application is little more expensive than other apps. It allows users to post multiple pictures, interests etc. This is a great way for women to meet and express themselves.

China bans Tantan dating app from app store

Tantan which is just like Tinder is a most widely known dating app which works on matches with the partners is now on a verge of extinction. As China Government says that this app is causing contamination of cyber security of the population of China.

Tantan is a dating app which is widely used in China . Almost 90 million users reaches and 6 million active users of Chinese population. Tantan has covered a wide Chinese locals to it’s web. However Tantan ‘s mother company Momo exclaimed that Tantan is still available on iOS apple stores. The owner is also trying to bring back Tantan on the social media platforms by giving their best efforts to the authorities . Momo has found a solution to this by conducting a feedback survey for tantan and authorising to the legal laws.

Tantan has shown rapid growth and Momo which is the parent location-based dating app was expecting tantan’s expanding growth in some years as it immediately earned a lot of popularity and reaches due to its content and estimated a growth of 760 million dollars last year in February. While
Momo’s growth was in a depression with the presence of Tantan.

In April, China government ordered to ban tantan from various app sites due to encouraging prostitution and leaking of pornography chats and multimedia. Government has presumed this caused a lot of cybercrime. Also, people will get vulnerable to public security and online malpractices
and fraud.

Hinge revamps it’s application and guides the user to install the newest version

Hinge dating app is launching their very fresh features and promoting the past app to be deleted. The hinge has made quite a success in the past years but now the company is emphasizing on new features and bring out the best to its users.

Tim MacGougan, chief product officer claims that this idea of “design to be deleted” will bring out newness and motivation for giving up the older version as it wasn’t up to the marketing standards. “Old means of communicating relationship, but in a way that was attempting to be maybe a bit mature” he exclaimed to The Verge.

The latest version will include new chat bubble in different colours like purple, salmon and grey which are different to old and dull colours of just grey and blue shades. Now, users can also write about themselves in bio adjacent to their picture.

The minimalistic changes in the app is to make users focussed just on small things as this app isn’t as fancy as swiping apps or Facebook apps. Users should encourage the small changes and feel that each and every profile is attractive in its own way. The profile picture will the main center of attraction. This will be an inspiration for all the daters and much more loyal for their partners.

Further, he speaks, “something that could be a little transactional into something that feels a little bit more conversational” Users can start conversing now with better changes.