MeetMe App

MeetMe is a social networking service founded by The MeetGroup, Inc in 2005. The website primarily focuses on creating new relationships for the teens. What makes the social media platform different from the others is that, while general social media platforms like Facebook try prioritize the user’s old and current friend circle, MeetMe lets total strangers befriends with the user. It’s a total strangers meet stranger platform. With more than 40 million users worldwide, MeetMe allows people to make friends, play games together and even fall in love. MeetMe is created for people all
ages and background.

How does MeetMe App works?

The overall interface experience of using the MeetMe app is just like using Instagram with the additional feature of being able to Post Text updates, rather than just uploading images and not having a follow button. Some other features of the app include

  • Users can feel the app as a very casual online dating website with lesser strings attached, since it lets you meet people who are total strangers.
  • Users get to make their personal accounts and set it up as however they want it to.
  • MeetMe also encourages its users to seek approval of strangers by a feature called “The Spotlight”. Users can purchase this feature by using the MeetMe credits.
  • Although meeting strangers online isn’t very favourable and often lead to an unhealthy atmosphere, MeetMe cares for the safety of its user by allowing users the set their privacy settings as they desire.

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