Dating apps: A Revolution to find matches in India

The various ways by which people can find their love are through family meetings, friends, sudden encounters. Some people use dating apps to find themselves a match. The use of dating apps is not a recent activity among people, but earlier people were reluctant to use them.

Before the pandemic, dating apps were never popularized because people hesitated to accept that they met their loved ones through the apps. After the pandemic, online dating has become the new normal. It is observed that women’s first dating app has shown 50 percent of single women no longer feel shy to say they met their loved one through dating apps. Women now believe that dating apps provide a safe environment to express their ideas and thoughts which could help them ultimately decide the best for their future and also ease out the work for their parents in finding the right match. There are more interesting facts like 44 percent of women who were against using dating apps, realized that this is the best possible way to find a match during the pandemic. This shows that there is a change in the approach of the people in the country towards mobile and PC dating apps. This change is not just observed in the metropolitan cities but also in small towns and districts.

Dating apps have become more reliable, convenient and helped both men and women find their love interests all around the world.

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