New Explore Section added on Tinder’s Dating App

Tinder initially gained acceptance from people by emphasizing on looks, with members finding their interests by swiping left or right on photos. Now many other features have been added in the dating app like Tinder Passport which is a paid subscription allowing one to search matches across continents and Vibes, a 48-hour event in the app which allows participants to interact through a series of questions. Presently, the new explore section is available in the U.S., U.K, Australia and New Zealand with more than 15 types of interests, such as “foodies,” “gamers,” and “animal parents”. Tinder’s interactive dating features like “Swipe Night” and “Hot Takes” available on the new tab has also attracted many members. The tab’s release also coincided with an increase in users on tinder and other dating apps during the pandemic helping the sales.

After the pandemic, Tinder saw direct revenue growth of 26% in the second quarter of 2021. According to data from research firm eMarketer, Smartphone dating app users are expected to grow to 28.4 million users in 2022, up from an estimated 27.4 million this year.

The new section was added to give users more context about potential matches which are precise to their expectations. “What they were asking for was not ‘I want a million sections in my profile,’ but instead, context that can be captured in a fun, entertaining and unique way,” Mr. Miller said.

Tinder’s Explore section is fascinating for a generation that loves community and bonding over mutual interests and passions commonly called as Gen Z.

Dating app launched for lawyers and people who want to meet them

Lawyr is a new dental app precisely planned and launched for lawyers to connect people in the legal community and also allowing them to meet users of other profession who are interested in them. Matthew Rhodes, a former lawyer from London and popularly known for the creation of the legal website RollOnFriday introduced the app.

The app is now available in the United States and many other places in the world with free sign up and an upgraded version is available with additional features at a cost of $7 per month. After the free sign up, the users can find matches of their interest. There are many other filters such as age, distance, gender, legal position and practice area which makes the search easy in the app. As the app is planned with priority for lawyers, the co-developer of the app James Dennison in the press release clearly mentioned that one-half of the match has to be in the legal profession, so nonlawyers can’t search for other nonlawyers. Legal profession includes lawyers, judges, law students and paralegals who can interact amongst themselves and also other people of their interest.

“I think it’s important to stress that it’s not just about lawyers, it’s anyone in the legal community, So you can be a secretary in law firm, you can be in the print room at a law firm—but you understand how law firms work. You understand what the law is.” Rhodes told the Canadian Lawyer.

Tinder India releases a new film titled “Closure” showcasing importance of consent in modern-day dating culture

Tinder in collaboration with Jugaad Motion Pictures produced and launched this new film “Closure” with a concept surrounding glimpses of relationships, navigating consent in a different way where they are both heard. Apart from the film, Tinder also brought up a new initiative to encourage discourse on consent in partnership with Yuvaa and Pink Legal along with a resource center

The film has two main characters Ria and her now-estranged boyfriend, Ved. The relationship between them has some beautiful moments right from day one at the beach, but it only ends with them sitting across each other for a conversation that didn’t go the way they would have liked .Ved’s misinterpretation of Ria’s silence as her consent in the night before moving ahead altered the course of their relationship and it all went wrong between them. Ria finally breaks down to confront ved that lack of mutual consent ruined everything on the night they parted ways.

Taru Kapoor, GM, Tinder & Match Group, India explained their mission to build a respectful member ecosystem, on and off the app and also the importance of mutual consent with safety precautions throughout any relationship”

Tinder has brought Safety features for youth that reduces anonymity, increases accountability, and helps members stay safe with features such as Block contacts, Photo Verification, Consent 101 and Face to Face video chat in the last two years and also launched the Safety Centre for India recently to promote safe dating.


Woman’s Dating Detox Turns into a Spiritual Reckoning while travelling across the globe

Natasha Scripture in her memoir named ‘Man Fast: How One Woman’s Dating Detox Turned into a Spiritual Reckoning Across Four Continents (Piatkus, 2021)’ narrates her romantic trysts and spiritual quest during her journey of life to find peace.

Natasha scripture is a renowned Author, poet, activist and former aid-worker. She was addicted to her job as a writer, producer and editor for several organisations. She worked at different refugee camps, war zones and natural disaster areas in places like Ethiopia, Haiti, Libya and Pakistan. During this phase of life, she came across many men and dated them, but her romantic liaisons did not last long and made her upset. She was heartbroken and started questioning herself and her sexuality when she had a lesbian encounter with a divorced older woman who had children.

At 38, She left a full-time position at the UN to become a consultant and balance her work and life. She began her path of self-discovery of life after becoming a consultant with her stay of three months in India knowing about Ayurveda in mumbai and mindfulness at an ashram in Kerala. She also visited many temples in Madurai. She was part of a kundalini yoga health and wellness retreat. During her stay in India, she read Bhagavad Gita, Sufi mystical poetry, learnt sitar and her regular classes of meditation gave her peace.

Later , At Martha’s Vineyard, She got a chance to go on a complete digital detox to get mental peace. Her book explains Ayurveda, meditation, yoga, Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, minimalism, yin and yang with a conversational tone making one feel like talking to a friend. Her writings definitely gives a meaning to our lives.

Funds declared by Match group CEO and Bumble to provide relief to Texas-based workers and dependents affected by abortion law

Match Group CEO Shar Dubey and Bumble announced a relief fund to support people seeking abortions in the state impacted by the legislation. Texas-based employees and dependents have been forced to follow the new abortion law with immediate effect from this week. This law states that women cannot undergo an abortion procedure after six weeks of pregnancy. The law has created a lot of confusion and disappointment amongst the people as it is very difficult for most women to realize they are pregnant before six weeks of pregnancy.

Reacting to the introduction of this law signed in May by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, Bumble tweeted “Bumble is women-founded and women-led, and from day one we’ve stood up for the most vulnerable. We’ll keep fighting against regressive laws like #SB8. Based on a confirmation given to CNBC, Match Group CEO Shar Dubey has shown a personal interest in this matter and also announced a relief fund through a memo to Texas-based workers and dependents. According to Dubey’s memo reported by Bloomberg, she said: The company generally does not take political stands unless it is relevant to our business. But in this instance, I personally, as a woman in Texas, could not keep silent.

Shar Dubey and Bumble are against this highly punitive and unfair law and feel pity that this law doesn’t even make an exception for victims of rape or incest.

Stars in the universe age as they spin

Jason Curtis, Associate research scientist has worked to understand ages of the millions of stars in the Milky Way, eventually giving us an idea of how the galaxy evolved. He worked with Agüeros and Ruth Angus, an astronomer at the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) and with NYC high-school students through AMNH’s Science Research Mentoring Program in the past two years.

According to his interview, Ages of stars can be measured on how fast they spin and the study to determine this is known as gyrochronology. He says that newborn stars spin faster whereas old stars like the sun spin slowly. Based on this fact, stars live and die and are not eternal.

This research involves data which was initially gathered twenty years ago through images from telescope, but now NASA’s Kepler spacecraft and TESS satellite along with European space agency’s Gaia satellite has helped largely in gathering data with ease. The information obtained can easily be uploaded through Google Colab and the estimation of the speed at which the stars spin can be measured through Python. Teaching methods and notes are being developed on Python to help students understand the work being done.

High school students of NYC are also working on the measurements related to the brightness of stars to make a light curve showing fluctuations of stars with its rotations. They have also built a tool M39 to study 400 million-year cluster. M39 classifies light curves to train algorithms.

Criminals targeting dating apps and other sources of social media

People using dating apps have to be extra cautious as criminals are looking out for individuals who use these mobile dating apps to make connections and also for people who regularly buy or sell items.

FBI received as many as 791,790 cases of web crime last year with around a loss estimated to be around $4.1 billion. It is always better to be careful and share as little information as possible on dating apps especially personal information related to banking should not be disclosed. Popular apps like Snapchat, Offerup, Craigslist, Letgo and various dating apps have been targeted by criminals.

UCF Police Department Detective Agustin Gonzalez, part of the Criminal Investigations Division advises to the UCF community to “Always trust your instincts”. According to him “If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is”. UCF Police Department has also set up an emergency line 911 and non-emergency line 407-823-5555. People can also reach out to report crime through victim advocate 24/7 by calling 407-823-1200 or by texting 407-823-6868. Christian Mouton ’98 ’01MS, director of victim services says “Some apps are well-intentioned. They want to connect people, whether it’s through relationships, friendships or even just making a few dollars”.

Social media and dating apps might be fun but one has to be safe while making decisions on this platform and should not share their personal information, location, bank details and other important things unless and until it is through valid source and is mandatory.

Daters go slow in the fast-moving Pandemic

Covid-19 has affected the world in every possible way with people resorting to virtual ways. People have been hesitant to meet each other even in the dating world and have postponed their meetings even after receiving their necessary doses of vaccine.

Kerry Kijewski says “I feel the pressure to meet soon before things worsen again, but I am afraid to do many things out of my house these days”. Ms. Kijewski, 37, had undergone kidney transplant before covid-19 and has been fully vaccinated with both the doses, but due to the fear of delta variant, she has delayed her meeting with a person she met online through a dating app although he stays only 40 minutes away from her London home, keeping her relationship only virtual.

According to surveys, Dating app Bumble tells 30 percent only want to date people who are vaccinated, 41 percent want their meetings to follow the covid-19 meeting protocols and According to an online poll conducted by The Pill Club, 64 percent of the people said they were very cautious in meetings and hookups due to the pandemic. Even with a considerable drop in the number of cases since summer, people are still giving priority to safety for their health concerns.

Dating apps like Bumble have added a feature of “I’m vaccinated” badge to their profile to fulfill people’s desire by allowing safe meetings. Although the pandemic might be nearing an end in the future, People have decided to take their time in dating and making their decisions for their love life and marriage.

Popular dating app Bumble under the radar due to security flaws

A serious threat in security in the bumble app might allow the attacker to pinpoint the precise location of the user. This threat was discovered by Robert Heaton, a software engineer by profession. According to him, an attacker can not only locate the victim’s address but also track his/her movements to some extent. Heaton has reported his findings to bumble via HackerOne and received a large sum of $2000 after confirmation of the security threat.

Heaton sent a series of requests through automated scripts and these scripts repeatedly relocated the attacker and thereby denied the attacker to request the distance of the victim. According to him, the attacker can identify “flipping points” of three exact distances of the victim which makes precise triangulation possible usually around a distance of 3 to 4 miles. However, Bumble doesn’t update the location of its users regularly, thereby the attacker might not get a live feed but only get a general idea of the location. Heaton also managed to spoof ‘swipe yes’ requests especially for users who showed an interest in viewing profiles without paying a $1.99 fee on the Bumble app.

Bumble has reportedly found a solution for the threat but the vulnerability still arises and hence it is important for members dating online to consider the installation of VPN on their personal computers and smartphones to be on the safe side and prevent any kind of tracking from the attacker.

Dating app sued by an Australian women for matching her with man shorter than 6 feet height

n a bizarre incident, a woman Eileen Moore, a resident of Australia sued a dating agency as she was in search of a tall man, but the app matched her with a man shorter than 6 feet in height. Eileen Moore, the doctor by profession, was disappointed and moved towards the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribune against the dating agency for matching her with a man named David, who is less than 6 feet in height and did not match her desire. Moore has demanded a refund amount of $4,995 and an apology letter from the agency.

Moore joined the dating app in 2019 at the age of 36, with the expectation of marrying someone native to Australia with Irish descent, raised as a Roman Catholic, and more importantly taller than 6 feet in height. She was very clear that she was not looking out for the ‘love of her’ life but wanted a person to marry above 6 feet in height. Moore said she explained her requirements clearly to the dating agency’s ‘psychotherapeutic consultant’ Lisa Haynes, as all her family members were tall and she was the shorter one. Moore was surprised and frustrated in her first visit with David. She was so disappointed that she did not turn up for the second meeting. After the meeting, she tried to contact the dating agency but received no response from their side.

Moore is firm with her decision against the dating agency and is not ready for any outside court settlement. The hearing is expected to proceed in February 2022