Roaching is the new dating trend alert on dating apps

‘Roaching’ trend arising from the word cockroach and representing the activity of a nasty insect is the latest activity of the members of dating apps. As the name goes, it is an act of hiding the truth that you are eyeing other people along with your love partner. One always doubts his/her partner when they get any indication of it. In this activity, the newfound lover realizes that their partner is in fact having many other partners much like the ickiness of the insect.

Roaching can be noted in the behavior of the roaching red flags as they call them. Roaching red flags usually hide important details from their love partner, does not respond to text messages, changes plans without prior intimation, and might probably go offline to calls. The desire to have sex with multiple partners is the most obvious reason for roaching by individuals. This activity of roaching is only expected to increase by partners as the pandemic is nearing an end and one can meet new people more easily.

This trend might be referred to as a dirty one by some but some may accept that it is the nature of an individual to be involved in roaching for the purpose of friendship, love, or sex. Some people might term it as cheating and might be hurt whereas others might not mind their partner eyeing or even sleeping with other people.

Roaching might not be an acceptable trend and maybe an unpleasant one but it leads to sex which makes us realize that having safe sex is important and one should always be honest to their partner in their conversations.

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