How does the app HER works?

There are so many apps available for dating these days. However, people still have their own preferences due to which they need new apps so that they can have their own requirements fulfilled. One of such app we have today is Her. If you are thinking that it is a feminine app, then no, it is not a feminist app for sure. However, it is a feminine app which works for LGBTQ. Yes, it is always nice to see such apps which work for such people who are only interested in the same gender. You must have got that the app works for lesbian women.

How does the app HER works?

The app is not a difficult app at all. You are not required to do something you haven’t done before. However, only if you are a lesbian, go to the app otherwise it is of no use to you. You can use the app and make friends and according to your mutual interest, you can keep the things ahead too. It is an easy app which works on a simple rule that it is only for the lesbians and so you are only required to download the app and make your own profile in it and include all those details which you think is sufficient for someone to know you. You can add your bio and picture and make the profile attractive. If you want, you can also add more details like your personal interest so that it will be easier to find a match for you. So if you are a lesbian, go for Her.

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