65% Indians go for freedom over money-Told by OkCupid

Freedom is an important part in everyone’s life especially among teenagers with boys and girls being more expressive in their views and making decisions for their future compared to the traditional days when they were more dependent on their parents and family.

Freedom in life can be freedom of speech, freedom from fear, freedom for and against love and marriage, and the most important being financial freedom. The dating app, OkCupid has been conducting various surveys pertaining to aspects of freedom, and its users have been vocal about their views around the various nuances of freedom. According to OkCupid, 39 percent people prefer financial freedom to be the most liberating, 73 percent people are independent in their thoughts, speech, and support themselves, 68 percent people allow freedom to their partners in the relationship, 73 percent people are particular in maintaining personal bank accounts for their finances especially in a long term relationship. The other important debate is regarding the security of individuals. The views of teenagers regarding freedom over safety are equally divided, but there is a slight preference in people opting for freedom without worrying about safety concerns. Freedom might be important in everyone’s life, but the extent of freedom for its various aspects in life is different for every individual in their approach towards it.

As a result, the research has said that freedom is chosen over money with 65 percent people opting for more freedom and 35 percent opting for money

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