We ve asked what should be never done on a first date and the answers might impress you

Okay, so to make a survey about the youth and their thinking and approach towards the relationship, we have tried getting the answers about what is the thing that one should never be doing on a first date and the answers that we have received are hilarious and worth listening. So let us see what they have answered-

“Be late. I know it’s such a boomer thing to say, and I never care about punctuality in any other context. But for a first date specifically, every minute I’m waiting is a minute my insecure ass is wondering if I’ve been stood up,” they wrote.

For another, the biggest red flag is when an individual spends the entire date on their phone..

The issue was one that resonated with other users, with one person revealing that they’d left a date early because she was “constantly replying to text messages”.

“Put it on vibrate and don’t look at it except when you go to the bathroom,” they advised.

5 best ways of how to overcome your dating issues

If you are in a relationship, then you know that there are many things that come with it. There will be many issues that you might have to face and there will be many fights too. So here, we are going to talk about how to overcome your dating issues without any complications. Let us see how to get this done-

  • Speak to your partner- The very first and the only useful part that we would recommend in any relationship is communication. You must have strong communication with each other and believe us, half of your problems will get resolved in no time. It is crucial for anyone to speak to their partner about the issues that they are facing and even if the problem isn’t getting resolved, then think of something else.
  • Give space- Although you are in a relationship, you need to understand that you must give space to each other. You can not simply make each other feel toxic by being at each other’s nerves all the time. You need to keep calm and give each other enough space to have their own lives too.
  • Don’t doubt- If you have a doubt issue, then instead of feeling something otherwise, you should be asking the person and discuss the same with them.
  • No ego- Ego will often kill your relationship with anyone. Thus, instead of having the egos, try to understand each other and give enough space.

ANDERSON COOPER In His New Book Tells a secret about dating

Anderson Cooper in his new book (co-written with historian and novelist Katherine Howe), Vanderbilt: The Rise and Fall of an American Dynasty (available Sept. 21) goes into the past to tell the incredible story of his ancestors and their rise and fall from riches to all that they lost later and showcases his unique bond with her late heiress turned fashion designer mother, Gloria Vanderbilt.

Gloria Vanderbilt, daughter of Gloria Morgan, was born in New York City on February 20, 1924 to one of the wealthiest families in America, popularly known to be from the family who built the New York Central Railroad.

“My mom was extraordinarily unique, and I miss that uniqueness in my life, It was sometimes very frustrating and stressful, because she never had a plan for things, She was incredibly creative, so things were always changing. I was always having to adapt to her new ideas and encourage some of those, and try to discourage her from things that didn’t make any sense.” Cooper said

She was dubbed the “poor little rich girl” by press when her socialite mother and her aunt Gertrude became locked in a courtroom fight. Vanderbilt married her first husband in Los Angeles when she was a teenager. She also had love affairs with Frank Sinatra and Howard Hughes. She would marry three more times, her final time to Cooper’s father, author and screenwriter Wyatt Emory Cooper. He later died while undergoing open-heart surgery in 1978.

Vanderbilt was a single mother since then and she found success as an actress and artist designing home furnishings, sheets. She earned millions with her Gloria Vanderbilt designer jeans but eventually lost it all due to a fraudulent lawyer.

Anderson Cooper’s mother Gloria Vanderbilt died just over two years ago in 2019, from stomach cancer. She was 95.


People find love and romance in the lonely period of the pandemic

Samantha Higdon,34, a tech worker in Austin, Texas found a profile in July 2020 which made her smile and their personal interaction started. Later by November, he had secured a job in Austin and they stayed together. A meet-cute story began and well later reached a stage of meet and then staying together. Higdon beautifully narrates it making one feel their love together. “When you find someone you can have a really good conversation with, it’s exciting,” Higdon says. “In the middle of the pandemic when you’re extra lonely and you find someone you can have a really good conversation with? It was the biggest relief. I had done the impossible. I held on as tight as I could.”

Covid relationships during the pandemic were like the steering wheel when trucks whiz by, like the umbrella handle when wind flips the canopy as couples starved for touch and conversation

Marissa Blose,29, who works in non-profit education in Brooklyn found a man on the dating app who suddenly disappeared like a ghost and returned back with an excuse saying he had been busy donating a kidney to his sister and showed her the scar. Since then things moved very quickly and they started sleeping together, two weeks after we met.

Austin Cole,26,who works at a startup in Los Angeles, lived in downtown Santa Monica where the riots were going on [after George Floyd was murdered] and people were breaking windows with police and helicopters all around the place. “I went to her place and spent the night for the first time. It was something none of us had ever felt before. It was nice to be with someone in that moment of chaos” he said. “The relationship kept intensifying because of Covid,” Cole remembers.

These relationships show us that it’s no surprise that these couples who were clinging to each other for dear life didn’t make .

Man finds both love and new kidney through dating app

Reid Alexander, diagnosed with a renal failure disease called Alport syndrome as a teenager didn’t let the diagnosis let him down and followed his dream to move across the country to Denver in August of 2020 to meet the love of his life.

Alexander matched Rafael Diaz on tinder and they went on their first date a few days later. He later got engaged in April of 2021. After their engagement, Alexander’s health began to decline, and he was placed on the transplant list. Diaz went through all the necessary tests and clarified his confirmation for donation of kidney.

Initially, The doctors in Denver felt the surgery was too risky because of the size of Diaz’s kidney. Later they called IU Health to perform the surgery. Alexander was very happy and thankful and said that Rafael has given me the opportunity to live a better life and a longer life. “It’s not only for love,” Diaz said, “we’re going to start to live this chapter in the life. If you can help someone else and give someone else life, do it.”

Amongst the 7.6 billion people in the world and 106,000 people on the national transplant list looking for their perfect match, these two proved that they are meant for each other.

Alexander and Diaz had the gift of love and support towards each other which made Alexander’s life longer and his confidence towards life indeed shows us that fortune favours the brave.

Exploring the Dating Histories of the cast of ‘Gilmore Girls’ through the Years:

 Alexis Bledel paired with Milo Ventimiglia on the Gilmore Girls set. They portrayed as Rory Gilmore and Jess Mariano respectively in one of the most loved series of 2000s. The relationship lasted on and off for four years but eventually parted ways 2006. But this was not the only relationship she stayed in, She was also rumored with Padalecki and was also in limelight with British model John Paul before she started dating Kartheiser in 2012. Alexis Bledel and Kartheiser married in June 2014 and also share a son.

Lauren Graham

Lauren Graham was in a relationship with her Parenthood co-star Peter Krause in 2010 after they initially met before 2000 and now stay together in Los Angeles with his son, Roman, whom he shares with ex-girlfriend Christine King

Scott Patterson

Patterson has been married to Kristine Saryan since 2014 with a son Nicholas after they met in 2001 in the background of Gilmore Girls episodes.

Jared Padalecki

Padalecki and Bledel had a “silly” flirtation on the set of Gilmore Girls but later exchanged vows with Genevieve Cortese and welcomed three children: Thomas, Austin, Odette.

Milo Ventimiglia

He split with Bledel and later moved on with Hayden Panettiere till February 2009. He has since been linked to Isabella Brewster, Kelly Egarian and Diane Guerrero.

Melissa McCarthy

She married Ben Falcone, who played a cameo on season 3 of Gilmore Girls in 2005 and they worked together in Bridesmaids, Identity Thief, Spy and Can You Ever Forgive Me. They now share daughters Vivian and Georgette.

Liza Weil

She married Paul Adelstein and they worked together in Order Up (2007), Little Fish, Strange Pond (2008) and The Missing Person (2008) before welcoming their daughter, Josephine, in April 2010. She later divorced and moved on with Charlie Weber.

Kelly Bishop

She had a failed first marriage with Peter Miller and later married to TV presenter Lee Leonard from 1981 until his 2018 death.

Keiko Agena

She married Shin Kawasaki in a helicopter hovering over Las Vegas in December 2005.

Matt Czuchry

He has been linked to Kate Bosworth and Archie Panjabi. In 2013, he told the New York Post, “I don’t mind being single. I don’t mind being in a relationship. Either is fine with me.”

David Sutcliffe

He married Julie McCullough 2001 and later divorced in 2003. He hasn’t been in news for any other relationship since then.

Edward Herrmann

He married twice: to Leigh Curran from 1978 to 1992, and to Star Herrmann from 1994 until his 2014 death.

Chad Michael Murray

He married Sophia Bush in April 2005 and separated five months later, with Bush citing “fraud” when she filed for an annulment in February 2006 and later married Chosen co-star Sarah Roemer and they share a son and a daughter, born in 2015 and 2017, respectively.

Vanessa Marano

She was linked with Sean Berdy but their was no official announcement.

Yanic Truesdale

He is a native of Canada and keeps his love interests personal.

Sean Gunn

He married actress Natasha Halevi.



Ban for prisoners serving life sentences for involving in new romantic relationships by Denmark

Denmark will pass a new bill shortly to ban dating for convicted criminals. Prisoners will be prohibited from talking on phone about their crimes and will only be allowed to speak with people they knew before imprisonment through letters and phone calls. This new bill introduced by the Danish government allows prisoners to contact people who are already close to them before imprisonment for the first decade of their sentence. The bill is a six-point one, proposed by minister of Justice Nick Haekkerup, to curb the rise of “groupies” for criminals. Prisoners are primarily being prohibited from spending time by dating or talking about their crimes on social media. This new bill has been proposed as a result of some shocking incidences revealed. These incidences include a woman, Cammilla Kurstein, who fell in love with a submarine killer Peter Madsen when she was 17. This happened as a result of letters exchanged between them and because they could speak on the phone for two long years. In 2017, Cammilla Kurstein interviewed Madsen after he was convicted of murdering journalist Kim Wall. Kim Wall was brutally murdered by Madsen when she was on board in submarine with him and later dismembered her body and dumped it into the sea. Madsen is in prison after a life sentence in 2018.

Mr Haekkerup said: “In recent years, we have seen distasteful examples of inmates who have committed bestial crimes being contacted by very young people to gain their sympathy and attention. Of course, we have to stop that. That is why the government is now coming up with six concrete initiatives that fundamentally restrict the opportunity for lifers and certain detainees to make contact with the outside world.”

People found love again during lockdown

The pandemic has given people sufficient time to reassess their priorities and develop a deeper connection in their heart for the person they are interested in to find ‘love again’. There are some beautiful stories of people falling in love during lockdown which mesmerize us throughout their journey.

Lizzie Cernik, 35, a journalist and features writer, covering relationships, travel, and women’s issues writes her journey of love during the lockdown. She had been single for most of her adult life and started to accept that love probably wasn’t for her. During the first lockdown, she reluctantly started interacting with Bart, a Dutch PR manager who lived in Windsor on a dating app but this time she felt different and ample time and space made her grow the friendship stronger. She starts liking his kind nature and thoughtful mind. Slowly she changed her mind of being happy single without any loved one and also having children and started dating Bart. It’s been 18 months since she’s going strong and feels most comfortable with him.

Lynn Anderton, 60, a life coach from Wirral, who had been single for nine years, lost her self-confidence after a failed marriage followed by the breakdown of a subsequent three-year relationship. She found a partner on tinder and says she is very happy and comfortable and they just laugh together all the time.

Chad Teixeira, 25, a marketing entrepreneur, who lives between London and Portugal was comfortable with one-night stands and never felt like she needed anything more, as she was badly affected by a failed relationship, suddenly started craving for love after meeting a partner during lockdown.

Dave Williams, 57, from Hertfordshire had several failed relationships before finding Louise. The first date made wonderful memories and then Louise proposed and they married happily.

Nyasha Daley, 44, a marketing and creative specialist from Coventry after years of heartache found love last year in Dwain through Bumble.

She chatted on Zoom and felt like she had known him forever in the very first call.

So many people have shifted their priorities since the pandemic began from bars, parties to finding ‘love again’.

New Explore Section added on Tinder’s Dating App

Tinder initially gained acceptance from people by emphasizing on looks, with members finding their interests by swiping left or right on photos. Now many other features have been added in the dating app like Tinder Passport which is a paid subscription allowing one to search matches across continents and Vibes, a 48-hour event in the app which allows participants to interact through a series of questions. Presently, the new explore section is available in the U.S., U.K, Australia and New Zealand with more than 15 types of interests, such as “foodies,” “gamers,” and “animal parents”. Tinder’s interactive dating features like “Swipe Night” and “Hot Takes” available on the new tab has also attracted many members. The tab’s release also coincided with an increase in users on tinder and other dating apps during the pandemic helping the sales.

After the pandemic, Tinder saw direct revenue growth of 26% in the second quarter of 2021. According to data from research firm eMarketer, Smartphone dating app users are expected to grow to 28.4 million users in 2022, up from an estimated 27.4 million this year.

The new section was added to give users more context about potential matches which are precise to their expectations. “What they were asking for was not ‘I want a million sections in my profile,’ but instead, context that can be captured in a fun, entertaining and unique way,” Mr. Miller said.

Tinder’s Explore section is fascinating for a generation that loves community and bonding over mutual interests and passions commonly called as Gen Z.

Dating app launched for lawyers and people who want to meet them

Lawyr is a new dental app precisely planned and launched for lawyers to connect people in the legal community and also allowing them to meet users of other profession who are interested in them. Matthew Rhodes, a former lawyer from London and popularly known for the creation of the legal website RollOnFriday introduced the app.

The app is now available in the United States and many other places in the world with free sign up and an upgraded version is available with additional features at a cost of $7 per month. After the free sign up, the users can find matches of their interest. There are many other filters such as age, distance, gender, legal position and practice area which makes the search easy in the app. As the app is planned with priority for lawyers, the co-developer of the app James Dennison in the press release clearly mentioned that one-half of the match has to be in the legal profession, so nonlawyers can’t search for other nonlawyers. Legal profession includes lawyers, judges, law students and paralegals who can interact amongst themselves and also other people of their interest.

“I think it’s important to stress that it’s not just about lawyers, it’s anyone in the legal community, So you can be a secretary in law firm, you can be in the print room at a law firm—but you understand how law firms work. You understand what the law is.” Rhodes told the Canadian Lawyer.