How does Match app work?

Match app is an application which is a dating app to flirt, chat and to meet local single man and woman all via service. Match allows you to access Mobley people that you may find nearby around the world or places that you are visiting . You can view people’s photos, you can wink them and more to see people that you maybe interested in dating or meeting up with or have you. You can get this app for free but they do have a subscription based service that starts as low as 22 dollars a month. It can tie your iTunes account, however you can sign up for some limited features.

How does it work?

  • First for signing up, fill in your profile as well as you know all the information about yourself.
  • You can find your daily matches. You can see their photos if they have multiple photos.
  • You can also see some information about them by scrolling down below things like commonalities. Also, information and summary.
  • For getting more information about them, you can click on the X if you don’t like them and move on to the next person and so on.
  • It is very easy to go through people and find people that you maybe interested in.
  • By clicking back on the menu, you can also use the discover feature, this will allow you to use your current GPS location to see people around you.
  • You can use the mixer if you don’t want to see the stream, so it mixes up people

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