Will COVID-19 change the rules of dating forever?

Due to this new pandemic outbreak, people are not getting out of their houses. They are worried and locked at their homes only. Nobody is allowed to roam freely like they were. We all have to be inside and take care of ourselves.

It is indeed a situation which is very tough for all of us. But the question is, will it end?

And if it will end, then when will it be ended? The question is going in our minds since long and if we see news, we even see experts saying that it will not go ever and people have to accept it as a part of our lives.

But then the question is, for how long are we going to be locked at our homes? isn’t it a big thing to keep staying at our homes forever? Well, in such situation, the lockdown will get over and people will be out of their houses.

But not as freely as they were earlier.

There will be a mask and social distancing mandatory. And things like even dating will be going on like it used to be but with taking the safety measurements.

You all must be safe and secured. And if you can wait for this time to get over, your relationship will get stronger than ever.

So stay strong, stay at home.

Why there is a hike in the dating app users in the lockdown? Find out here

We all are in this situation where we can not go out even for work. Everything is digitalized and if we are into some job which can be done remotely, we will do it through the home only. It is a tough situation for all but people are also spending more time with their family, loved ones and children.

However, in this situation, divorce cases are getting filed too. Apart from this, people are also going for dating apps more and more. After researching on the same, it is because people are not happy with living together with their partners for all day long. They need space and that is why they are using dating apps.

Many people have stated that they can not be with their partner anymore and that is why they are using the dating apps so that they can talk to new people if not date them.

Let us know your comments over the same. Please share your views.

Here is how you can keep your dating ON even in COVID-19

Many of you must be depressed because you are not able to meet your partner during the lockdown. Indeed, it is a depressing thing. But meeting physically is the only way to meet somebody? Well, we can even meet people without meeting them physically. Thanks to the technology which keeps us all connected.

If you are not sure how to keep your dating game on, then here’s the tip through which you can still keep in touch with your partner and make it a virtual date.

So let’s get started with this idea of virtual date-

1. Always dress up

Even though you are not present physically, you must make some efforts and get ready and dress up nicely so that you both can see each other and have a feel like you are on a date.

Dressing up can never be so boring. So try to do your best and wear fancy clothes, put makeup if you want, make your hair and get ready for your virtual fancy and dreamy date.

2. Keep your feelings out

Just because you can not touch each other, you don’t have to keep your feelings in. You still can show what you feel to your partner by your messages, voice notes and talks.

Be vocal about your feelings and make each other feel special.

3. Cook with each other

If you are not together, you can do a video call and cook with each other live. It would be a great idea to keep you both engaged in each other.

So these were some of the tips. Let us know how you think about it and what is your take on your date.

Grinder to be sold for $608 Million

Grinder is a known gay dating app which was acquired by a Chinese gaming company 4 years back. And recently, they have announced that they are going to sell it for $608.5 million.

It is a known and big app which has more than 4 million active users everyday and it is also known as the largest social networking app for gay, transgender, queer and bisexual people from all around the globe.

The app is available for everyone and it has two versions, paid and free. People can choose the version according to their own use. The app has been the number one choice of many.

The owner of the app, Kunlul is the largest mobile gaming companies. The app owner is looking forward to make a deal with US for selling this big app.

USA is very strict with the privacy of the app and how they deal with the data of the users. Hence, they are going to make a deal on the basis of how safe the app is for the users.

If the deal happens, then users can for sure see some change in the app and see some other changes in the privacy of the app.

Dating apps have launched new features- check out here

Due to lockdown, everyone is suffering and so as the dating apps. It has become challenging for the users to find a date during the lockdown. People are not allowed to go out and that is why they are unable to find new dates.

A famous dating app Bumble has already announced the feature of virtual dating badge and video chats which all their users can use now during the lockdown. They have made their settings in such way that you will be able to match with anyone within the country whereas earlier, it was for the distance of 1 to 100 miles only.

OkCupid, another famous dating app has also started discussing about the virtual date ideas and what all they can do for the users. They are working with many binge watching ideas too which will be out in few days. They have also done their partnership with YouTube channel named the screen patti so that they can bring out the video of TSP’ lockdown wala match for their users.

Also, Tinder, again a dating app has also made their passport feature free for all their users. Earlier it was only limited for their gold subscribers but now, it is free for all.

All these ideas and features the apps are launching are for their users so that they can still manage to talk to people and kill their boredom during the lockdown too.

Tinder may soon launch Global and local switch mode

As per the reports, popular dating app Tinder is working on new feature that will allow its users to easily switch between local and global matches. As per a tweet by reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong, Soon there would be two modes for Tinder users see two ‘modes’ — global and local. As per the screenshot in the tweet, “going global will allow you to see people nearby and from around the world after you’ve gone through all the profiles in your area.”

Currently, it is not confirmed when the app will launch this feature.

At the beginning of this month, Tinder launched in chat video calling feature which was anounced in its earnings report. “Social distancing has required adaptations and pivots and has impacted our business because the manner in which singles engage with our products and start relationships has quickly evolved. We know that singles are adjusting their behaviours, and many are shifting to having dates virtually via phone or video,” said the company to media

As people are quarantined, dating apps are continuously working to help them in dating. Like Tinder, other apps also trying new features.

Hackers are offering data of 4 Million dating app users

As per the Risk Based Security, around 4 million user’s data have been stolen or hacked from dating apps.

The security vendor said that he found that stolen data listed for free in a prominent hacking forum. Earlier it was on sale.

Around 3.7 million users of MobiFriend, a Barcelona-based dating app’s data is there. This info was originally posted by a threat actor named “DonJuji,” but is attributed to a breach in January 2019.

“The MD5 encryption algorithm is known to be less robust than other modern alternatives, potentially allowing the encrypted passwords to be decrypted into plaintext,” warned Risk Based Security.

“Moreover, the data leak contains professional email addresses related to well-known entities including: American International Group (AIG), Experian, Walmart, Virgin Media and a number of other F1000 companies. This creates a notable risk of business email compromise as well as potential spear-phishing campaigns.”

“The increase in records compromised was driven largely by one breach; a misconfigured Elasticsearch cluster that exposed 5.1 billion records. However, even if we adjusted for this incident, the number of records still increased 48% compared to Q1 2019,” said Inga Goddijn, executive vice-president at Risk Based Security.

“Hacking exposed an average of approximately 850,000 records per breach and most breaches originated from outside the organization. We are continually finding that simply meeting regulatory standards or contractual obligations does little to actually prevent a breach from occurring.”

Tinder’s in app video chat like Bumble – all you need to know

Tinder is a famous dating app which is being used all around the globe for the purpose of making friendship, dating and to get laid off. Now Tinder is going to launch their own one on one video chat this year. The company, Match group has announced that it is going to be launched later this year and since Tinder has many users, it has to be perfect with all the features.

Also, for protection, the app is going to build their own offensive image detection system through which they will be detecting all the abusive messages and can report them. Users only need to chat through the app to whoever they want to. We are confident that demand for human connection will never dissipate and remain committed to fulfilling that need,” the company said in its earnings note. “This period of social isolation would have been much more dire for single people – who no longer have other avenues to meet and connect such as bars and concerts – if not for our products.”

Indeed, it is going to be a great app for the users.

Other than Tinder, other apps have also launched many such features like video calling and face time so that the users can see each other and have a great time dating at home. Tinder did not have this feature earlier but since it is a lock down time, it has this feature too.

Some users of Dating Apps trying to break Social distancing rules

As all the trading apps are trying to help the users to date through apps, dating has become easier for all. However, there are some people who are not satisfied by the efforts by these apps. They are trying to break rules of Social distancing for meeting their dates. Such a story has been covered by Business Insider where it reported that there are many messages on the dating apps that are

Because of how common it is, I can honestly say that anyone who is on a dating app right now has dealt with this,” Rothenberg. “People are horny, and a lot of people are putting that ahead of the risk and the danger.”

Many dating users have even shared the stories on the social media platforms about the messages which they received about breaking rules of Lock down.

Tinder may launch In chat video feature, this year

This year, Tinder is planning to launch its own in-app, one-on-one video chats. In its earning release, today, Match Group, the brand’s parent company, announced the feature. They announced the upcoming launch of this feature, however, they didn’t give much info about it. Being used by the millions of users, this would be the largest feature for the Match group’s Tinder and video calls can be places ripe for abuse. The company couldn’t share additional details with media yet.

Opposite to text based messaging, Harassment and abuse would be now difficult in video. Still, Team is working on making its own offensive image detection system or looking to a third party to provide one. Users will also get used to swiping for video chatting than going on person dates.

“We are confident that demand for human connection will never dissipate and remain committed to fulfilling that need,” the company said in its earnings note. “This period of social isolation would have been much more dire for single people – who no longer have other avenues to meet and connect such as bars and concerts – if not for our products.”

“As the lockdowns have dragged on, we have seen some impact on younger male users, while there has been some recovery in the over 30 demographic,” the company says.