Tinder users to experience Reality show

Now tinder users would be able to experience a reality show on their app.
Tinder’s “Swipe Night” debuted in the US on October 6, the dating app said, describing it as an “apocalyptic adventure” that will let members play leading roles and make quick moral choices as a group of friends face the end of the world.
The app dating service, is well known for its “swipe” feature on the profiles of prospective partners. The app said that  it hopes that the interactive show will help users who face their own thorny decisions for finding a partner in this uncertain world.

“Let’s face it, if we knew the world was ending, we wouldn’t want to go it alone,” Tinder said in a blog post Friday announcing the new feature.

“We can’t think of a better way to break the ice than over emojis and the apocalypse.”

“Swipe Night” is described as “a first-person, apocalyptic adventure where at key turning points” Tinder members decide what happens next.

In this show there is a group of friends played by actors Angela Wong Carbone, Jordan Christian Hearn and Shea Gabor and asks users to guide them through “moral dilemmas and practical choices.”

A new episode of “Swipe Night” is aired every Sunday and is able stream live inside the app.

Some Do’s and Don’t about the leading dating app Tinder

Dating apps are very much fun. People use it for different reasons. Some people use it for friendship, some for lay down and some for serious relationships. Nowadays, people also use it to find a groom or a bride for them. And most of the people use the app called Tinder. It is one of the finest dating app that we all are aware of. Why? Because this app is very much secured. You can not fool people through it. You can not make fake profile on this app. How? Because of the features of this app. The features of this app are very good and helping for all of us. Now let us read some of the features of this app here-

1- This app can not be used if you don’t login it through your Facebook in order to know if you are a real person or making a fake account. You should use your original display picture to use it otherwise you can not use this app.

2- You will get all the rights to block someone who you think is not for you. You can simply swipe left for them or if they annoy, you can report or block them too.

3- You can have a video call, voice call and texting through the app. If you want to use more features of it like who viewed your profile and etc, then you should use the premium version of this app.

Is it good?

Yes, you can trust the app and use it for longer time until you find your one.

Is Happn legit? Find it here

We have heard a lot of news about the app called Happn which is a dating app. You can make your account in the app and date the people you want of course by their permission. The app is easy and is very safe. There are many people available in the app. You can talk to anyone from the given list and give a kick to your love journey.

The app is not just an app available in our country India but in many other countries as well. People will find out and meet new people through the GPS from their phone which this app uses. From this, you will find many people who are new to you and you can also start talking to them by chatting or by calling them as well. You can also do a video call and if someone is annoying you in this app, then you can simply block the person from your account which is also very easy and safe.

Is it legit?

All over, the app is legit and very safe. All your informations will not be misused by anyone in this app. You can use the app anytime you want and this app will help you in making new friends. The app is easy and very good. You can also meet people if you think they are good to meet with. Hence, we recommend you the app as it is easy and safe.

Which dating app is right for you? Know it here.

Before you start using any dating app randomly, you should know about the dating app and know which dating app is the perfect one for you. If you know the right one, your experience would be the best experience ever. However, if you choose the wrong one, you wouldn’t get the best app for you at all and for this, there are some features which should be noticed before you download the app.

1- Features- If the features are very limited, then you won’t be able to enjoy the app features like calling or doing a face time which can be called as video call.

2- Gender- In some apps, only male genders are allowed to start the conversation and in some, females are. You can simply use the one which is for you.

3- Motive- There are some apps which are only for making friends and there are some apps which are for dating. Even the hookups and one night apps are also available and if you just want to talk, such apps are also available. You can choose the app.

4- Paid or free- You can use the app for free of cost and there are some apps which can not be used for free. You have to decide whether you need to pay for it or you want to use it.

5- Sexuality- Some people are gay while some are straight. You can choose the app accordingly.

A couple got married through Dating app just two months of dating

Who said you can not get married through a dating site? You can. And if you do not believe me, then look at this couple who got married just 2 months after meeting on a dating app.

The name of the couple is Christopher Rimmer and Viktorija Vakulenko and both of them are 34 years old. After they met on a dating app, the girl travelled to the guy’s country UK and met him. They went to a date with each other couple of time and after spending some hours, they felt that they shpuld get married and they felt a strong bond with each other. And hence, within 2 months only, they tied the knot at Shoreline Church, Southport. On this, the newly wed bride, Viktorija said- ‘The moment I saw his profile I felt a connection to him – his photos made him look open and kind,’ ‘I spoke to a few people on the site but after I met Chris on there I stopped my other conversations and put all my attention onto him. ‘He had such a strong passion for ministry and it just felt right. I knew there was something special and we went for it.’ Viktorija joined the dating site in March 2019 after her sister encouraged her to sign up. She had only been a member for two weeks when Chris came across her profile and struck up a conversation with her. ‘I wasn’t sure about joining the dating site but I’d moved home after travelling in Thailand and my sister suggested it would be a good way to meet people – even just to make some friends,’ ‘I spoke to a few people and then Chris started a conversation with me and it just felt right. To be honest I was planning to stay alone for a while – I didn’t expect to meet someone so quickly. ‘At the time I started applying for jobs in the UK and I planned to go over for the some interviews. It tied in together and I could also finally meet Chris. ‘I remember being at the airport with my mum and she could already see how happy I was, giggling on the phone to him. ‘I already felt like I was in love with him when we were talking online.’

And what are your thoughts on this? Please share it with us.

Another Dating app is leaking User’s Data

There are many dating app which are now revealed as name in the list of apps who are leaking data. Many known names are in the list already. The latest one to join the list is the Heyyo dating app which is leaking information of the users. It is exposing around 72000 users’ data online. The Elasticsearch database, leaked the personal details, images, location data, phone numbers and dating preferences.

Robert Ramsden Board, VP EMEA at Securonix said, “The data leaked exposes users to a host of security threats, which could leave them vulnerable to scammers. Threats range from identify theft, catfishing, blackmail, sexual harassment to phishing. Users should be cautious about the information they share on dating apps and stay alert to any suspicious activity or interactions.”

In 2016 too, a dating website Ashley Madison who has a slogan “Life is short, have an affair” was also revealed as one who has been leaking the data of 37 million users of around 40 countries. The website encourages the users to cheat their spouse.

Warren Poschman, Senior Solutions Architect at comforte AG. said“With the power of data analytics also comes great responsibility – unfortunately something that many organizations still fail to fully grasp, even after numerous breaches.”

Last month four popular apps have been came into the news for their features which were leaking the information of the users. Such apps are getting dangerous for the users as they are leaking the information which could be misused by others.

Dating App Bumble announced $5000 grant for women entrepreneurs

Dating app Bumble which is backed by Priyanka Chopra has announced the APAC Bumble Bizz pitch competition for the women entrepreneurs to empower them. The award of the competition is $5000 which will be awarded to the women funding businesses of countries of Asia.

The competition is going to be held in India, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the Philippines. The winners of the grant will get a chance to visit Sydney to attend the first Bumble Bizz Summit. The smmit is on October 10, 2019.

The women entrepreneur can apply or nominate themselves through any of the three modes which are available o the Bumble. The methods are- Date, BFF and Bizz and swipe through. The last date to apply for the competion is 27th september 2019 at 11:59 pm AEST(7:29 IST).

Bumble APAC Marketing Director Michelle Battersby told Marie Claire magazine. “In awarding the grants we’ll be looking for businesses that have a clear mission and aim to solve a real world problem. We’ll be asking applicants to show why their business exists, how it is currently funded, and how the grant will support future growth,”

Bumble was launched in india in december last year after the investment made by Priyanka Chopra. The tennis star Serena Williams is also one of the investor of the application.

The app was founded by Whitney Wolfe Herd in 2014, and is focused on empowering women, It encourages women to make their first move through the facility to first swipe in the app.

The two features of the Facebook Dating app may enable cheaters

Recently Facebook has rolled out its new Facebook dating App in United States. This made the US 2oth country to get the dating feature.

On the first launch of this feature in Columbia, the product manager of the dating feature Nathan Sharp said”More than 200 million people have listed themselves as single in their relationship status on Facebook,”

“We view this as an incredible opportunity to continue helping people build relationships in meaningful ways on Facebook,” he added.

However, as per Paul Keable, certain aspects of this feature may allow cheating in this app. Paul Keable is the chief Strategy officer at Ashley Madison. The Ashley Madison is a website which has a tagline “Life is short. Have an Affair”. He believes Facebook, Tiner, Bumble etc are the competition of his website.

The app lets you cheat as the app duplicates the facebook profile but it would remove your existing relationship status. This would let the users to join it easily without knowledge of their partners.

Another thing that he noticed in the app is that Facebook dating app would not match you with your facebook friends. So, the possibility of getting caught by your partner is less in this case.

Although, Facebook has done it to keep the privacy of the users. The users can easily opt for the dating feature into the regular facebook mobile app.

Dating App for Autistic Spectrum

A new dating application has been launched on Tuesday, Hiki. This is pronounced “hee-KEY”. The app has been named on the Hawaiian word which means ‘able’ and is the brainchild of 28-year-old developer Jamil Karriem.

His Cousin had an autism spectrum disorder. He told Karriem that he would no get any partner about which Karriem empathized.

On medium Karriem Wrote “[But] it wasn’t until a few weeks later that it dawned on me that while we both felt scared of the unknown—and we both yearned for meaningful connection—I had a myriad of platforms (both digital and physical) at my disposal where I could put myself out there,”. “Moreso, I had the privilege of being able to go to loud bars with flashing lights any night of the week. He didn’t.”

To bring it into the market for Autism spectrum Karriem knew that he would need an autistic spectrum so he included two in his team and others were experts of the field.

He told Newsweek “Everything about the app was designed to be user-friendly to all individuals on the spectrum,”. “The colors are known to not be triggering for sensory purposes, the layout is simplified and very intuitive, there are no flashing lights or sudden changes. And the on-boarding flow is structured in such a way to let you know what is coming up next, to manage expectations and not surprise anyone.”

Ship lets your friends to find a Match for you

There are many dating apps available where you can find your perfect match as per your preference. But one of the is leaving all behind as it offers a facility where your friends would choose a partner for you. Ship is the dating app we are talking about here. It is a dating app developed by Match group and Betches Media. Recently they released the android version of Ship.

The app allows you to swipe to your friends after which your friends can find a match for you. You can share the profiles with your friends and discuss with them in group messages. This app also allows you to invite all your friends to join a ‘crew’. Their friend list may include parent, roommates and siblings. Group chat is provided where all the crew members would be able to discuss the dating profiles and the merits of demerits of these profiles. This app allows the members of this crew to swipe the profiles on your behalf.

This feature of the app is liked by many users and there are also some who don’t like it. Around 53% of the matches are made on this app by such crew members. One of the spokesperson of the ship said that many times friends and family have the right choice for us. This not the first time when dating apps started including friends, before this other apps have also done it.