Tinder is going to launch Lightweight version of its app named as ‘Tinder Lite’

Match group announced that Tinder is going to Launch a lighter version of app ‘Tinder Lite’ this year. This announcement was made in an investors meet where first time this plan was discussed.

The company believes that it is high time to get a lighter app for its users as many other companies are getting their lite apps. Google too has a GO brand for its each and every service.

Company has not announced any particular launched date but as per the Match group CEO Mandy Ginsberg, the app is coming soon.

He said “This area has more than a dozen high-density cities with over a million people, and more young people are moving to large cities. These are really important factors that make the need for our app high,” she explained. “…We are excited about the Tinder Lite app that will be coming soon. It’s a big step forward addressing the needs of consumers there. Tinder Lite will be a smaller app to download. It will take less space on your phone, making Tinder more effective, even in more remote areas or regions. And keep in mind, these are regions where data usage still comes at a premium.”

The company is launching this lite version for the users who have small bandwidth and storage space. Considering their concern, company is launching it so that they would not have to need large storage or high speed internet to use this app.

Pyar.com- Is it worthy?

OmegleIn today’s era, people really have a lot of websites in order to date. There are so many websites which are famous and only meant to date each other and maybe that’s the reason people are confused between which site to choose and which not. In this blog, we have shared many websites with you which are worth giving a try if you are trying to find a friend for you. But if you still haven’t got any, here is the new website we are sharing with you. Let us read it here.

The website we are talking about is Pyar.com. This website is an Indian version of Tinder. The site is totally a dating app which has a little bit touch of matrimonial site. You might think that the name is too Indian and hence you will find some portfolio of people here. But no, you will find a good profile of both boys and girls in the website for dating. The main feature of the website is that here if you are a girl, you can simply say no to those who are annoying you. The site is safe for everyone and is free too.

You can simply download the app of the site and start dating if you find your match in it. The app has many other features too which you will find out yourself once you download this app. So simply don’t wait, just go and get the app downloaded.

Tinder or Happn? Which app is better?

There are different apps available in dating. And due to this, people are confused about whether which app to download because so many apps are there these days. And especially when it comes to dating, every day, you hear about new app. But you can not use any random app at all because you have to be aware about which app is something people are using these days. This is the reason we have come with two best app people can use easily. Now let us talk and discuss about these apps.


As we all know, tinder is the app people love using because of its interface and the way it works. It works in free of cost. However, if you want to use good features then you can also use the premium feature of the app. The app is one of the best app one can use. All over, it is a good app and people can download it. Tinder is also the app which is one of the most downloaded app.


Happn is not a different app at all. It also is same like Tinder however, it is kind of new app as Tinder. In this app, you will find dates whenever you cross their path just like Tinder. It is a free of cost app where you can talk to anyone. It is also a good app.

Which app is better?

Both the apps are good. If you want to know many people, you can use Tinder. If you want to use free app, you can go for other app.

Hinge- Is it a good app?

There are many apps present in the play store where you can download the different app and after downloading any app, you can easily find friends. In this hectic life, people are so busy that they don’t get time to talk to anyone. Be it a friend or anyone, talking with someone also feels better because it makes you feel better in many terms. So let us take some time and read about one of the most used app which is a dating app called Hinge.

Hinge is the app you can use for talking to your friends. And this app is truly an amazing app which does not give you any issue because this app simply works on a simple rule. Just like other random apps where you talk to random people, you will use this app. But this app is different as well as in this app, you will talk to only those who have some certain kind of connection with you. Now talking about how to find out such people, the app will use your facebook profile and will connect you to your friend’s friend so that you won’t feel that the person is totally different from you. You will have a connection with the person and the best part is that you will have a friend as mutual so that it will be easier to talk.

This app is easy and trusted app because it will not ask you for any personal information and your account will be safe with this app. So yes, you can use the app for sure.

Elites Single- an app to use for dating

There are so many apps present in these days which makes the choice difficult for a person to choose which dating app one should use. But if you want to know which dating app can be the genuine app and along with that, you won’t get harmed using the app, then we are going to tell you the same today. So many apps are present in the store but still only some apps are such apps which can be trusted and through which you really can choose your partner or make unlimited friends. So here we are talking about one app which will really help you in making a partner for life. So let us talk about the app in details now.

What is Elites Single and how can you use it?

Elites Single is the app one can use in order to find friends and make a partner for life. You can easily download this app from the store and after downloading this app, you can set your profile in this which should have your own picture, your bio, some things about you, your interest which should be enough for someone to know you. After knowing these things, one will try to talk to you for sure. The app is till now the best app has proven for the single. So yes, if you are looking for a dating app to use, you can use this app.

IS POF reliable?

In this busy world, we all need a friend, a companion whom we can share all our sorrows and happiness but bitter luck, it is hard to find a friend at all. So if you want to find a friend, a companion for you without trying hard, then you can easily trust on an app POF. since there are many dating apps available, it is difficult to find out if one app is trusted or not. But don’t worry, we have got it covered for you. You can find out here if the app is reliable for you or not. let us check out.

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Is OKCupid really a trusted app? Check out here

For finding a suitable partner, we do many things such as asking strangers for a date, using Facebook and such other things. But can we really trust on such methods? Well, asking a stranger is a good thing but can you ask them directly? A big no for sure. So how can you ask a stranger for a date or express your feelings towards them? To keep these things easy, there is an app called oKCupid which will surely help you out.

How does OkCupid work?

For those who are still not aware with this app, it is an app which is a dating app made for the users who want to have a lifepartner or choose a friend through such app. Not just for having a boyfriend or girlfriend but the app is also used for making friends. And you will be amazed to know how does the app work. Generally, when someone is passing us and we are using the app, the app will notify us and show their profile through which one can send the match. If the other person is equally interested, he/she will accept and then both can have a conversation. However, if not, one wouldn’t be able to send the person a message again.

Is OkCupid trusted?

Yes, OkCupid is an app which is very similar to Tinder and it also follows the Facebook linked profile rule like Tinder due to which the app has increased their credibility. One can use the app without fearing about leaking the personal details.

Is Tinder reliable app? Check out here

Do you like using Tinder? In this era where people find people to talk to them, the app Tinder works a lot. There are so many apps which can let you find your soulmate or a friend but if you want to talk about only one app which is being used widely, then let us talk about Tinder. Did you ever use the app Tinder? How do you like the app? Can we really trust the app? Well, let us simply find out in this article.

Is Tinder reliable?

As we all know, Tinder is a dating app used in many countries including India. The app is quite famous and people like using the app for sure. But the question arises, is the app really trusted? Can we use the app without any fear? Well, Tinder is quite a good and reliable app for sure so the answer is Yes, it is reliable.

How to use the app?

You can easily use the app by making your profile in it. However, in this app, you are required to link your facebook account because of the trust issues so that no one can make their fake profile here. After making and linking to Facebook, you can make your profile where adding your own picture is needed and it will not be misused at all. You can add your bio and interest here. So that is all about the app and Yes, it is reliable.

How does the app HER works?

There are so many apps available for dating these days. However, people still have their own preferences due to which they need new apps so that they can have their own requirements fulfilled. One of such app we have today is Her. If you are thinking that it is a feminine app, then no, it is not a feminist app for sure. However, it is a feminine app which works for LGBTQ. Yes, it is always nice to see such apps which work for such people who are only interested in the same gender. You must have got that the app works for lesbian women.

How does the app HER works?

The app is not a difficult app at all. You are not required to do something you haven’t done before. However, only if you are a lesbian, go to the app otherwise it is of no use to you. You can use the app and make friends and according to your mutual interest, you can keep the things ahead too. It is an easy app which works on a simple rule that it is only for the lesbians and so you are only required to download the app and make your own profile in it and include all those details which you think is sufficient for someone to know you. You can add your bio and picture and make the profile attractive. If you want, you can also add more details like your personal interest so that it will be easier to find a match for you. So if you are a lesbian, go for Her.

Build-A-Bear Workshop reveals a new dating app

Build-A-Bear is a dating app which let users meet one another. The significance if this name is to build bears together in future. This app is launched recently and can work with both ios and android. Matchmaking is better than hating. Build -A-Bae will let you meet a partner and make furry
friends with them. Bringing more hearts to life.

Build-A-Bear has recently started their very new April Fools Programme. As April is arriving and we all are very thorough with the April fool’s jokes and pranking’s. Algrrithm is their new campaign which let more people connect with their perfect matchmakers. This can be done by interpreting your total true hearts to match with your perfect partner. Build-A- Bae is expanding their missions to reach out more and more people as their main goal is to spread love and hearts.

Build-A- Bear let people give hearts in terms of fury friends to their perfect matches as a gift which indirectly means sending love to your partner in terms of bears. While algrrrithm is perfect but a little complicated as complicated things on brings the best results. Perfect matching is done with the combination of both science and magic for accurate results. This app can be available directly from android play store and ios apple store just for free. Just sign in and set your location, profile picture, and interests and you are ready to use the app. Hoping that you get the perfect matches with your
fury friends.