Now you can filter out the climate change deniers by using OkCupid. Check and find out how

These days dating apps are being really weird and at the same time, interesting. We have got so many different features in those apps and now those filters are really of use when you want to talk to limited people. Such one different and weird feature is found in one of those common dating app OkCupid.

In this feature, the users will be allowed to filter out climate change deniers from their potential matches. Now even the environmental change will become a topic. People using the app has used the terms like environment, climate change, global warming, recycle and Greta thunberg.

On this, the company said- “On our app you can filter out anybody who thinks climate change is Fake News,” “Since your match percentage with someone shows how compatible you two are, if you are a climate change activist and they think climate change is fake news, your match percentage is going to decrease,”

For sure, it is a hot topic to talk now and that is why the company has used this feature to make it better for their users. What are your thoughts over the same? Please share it with us.

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