People found love again during lockdown

The pandemic has given people sufficient time to reassess their priorities and develop a deeper connection in their heart for the person they are interested in to find ‘love again’. There are some beautiful stories of people falling in love during lockdown which mesmerize us throughout their journey.

Lizzie Cernik, 35, a journalist and features writer, covering relationships, travel, and women’s issues writes her journey of love during the lockdown. She had been single for most of her adult life and started to accept that love probably wasn’t for her. During the first lockdown, she reluctantly started interacting with Bart, a Dutch PR manager who lived in Windsor on a dating app but this time she felt different and ample time and space made her grow the friendship stronger. She starts liking his kind nature and thoughtful mind. Slowly she changed her mind of being happy single without any loved one and also having children and started dating Bart. It’s been 18 months since she’s going strong and feels most comfortable with him.

Lynn Anderton, 60, a life coach from Wirral, who had been single for nine years, lost her self-confidence after a failed marriage followed by the breakdown of a subsequent three-year relationship. She found a partner on tinder and says she is very happy and comfortable and they just laugh together all the time.

Chad Teixeira, 25, a marketing entrepreneur, who lives between London and Portugal was comfortable with one-night stands and never felt like she needed anything more, as she was badly affected by a failed relationship, suddenly started craving for love after meeting a partner during lockdown.

Dave Williams, 57, from Hertfordshire had several failed relationships before finding Louise. The first date made wonderful memories and then Louise proposed and they married happily.

Nyasha Daley, 44, a marketing and creative specialist from Coventry after years of heartache found love last year in Dwain through Bumble.

She chatted on Zoom and felt like she had known him forever in the very first call.

So many people have shifted their priorities since the pandemic began from bars, parties to finding ‘love again’.

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