We ve asked what should be never done on a first date and the answers might impress you

Okay, so to make a survey about the youth and their thinking and approach towards the relationship, we have tried getting the answers about what is the thing that one should never be doing on a first date and the answers that we have received are hilarious and worth listening. So let us see what they have answered-

“Be late. I know it’s such a boomer thing to say, and I never care about punctuality in any other context. But for a first date specifically, every minute I’m waiting is a minute my insecure ass is wondering if I’ve been stood up,” they wrote.

For another, the biggest red flag is when an individual spends the entire date on their phone..

The issue was one that resonated with other users, with one person revealing that they’d left a date early because she was “constantly replying to text messages”.

“Put it on vibrate and don’t look at it except when you go to the bathroom,” they advised.

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