People find love and romance in the lonely period of the pandemic

Samantha Higdon,34, a tech worker in Austin, Texas found a profile in July 2020 which made her smile and their personal interaction started. Later by November, he had secured a job in Austin and they stayed together. A meet-cute story began and well later reached a stage of meet and then staying together. Higdon beautifully narrates it making one feel their love together. “When you find someone you can have a really good conversation with, it’s exciting,” Higdon says. “In the middle of the pandemic when you’re extra lonely and you find someone you can have a really good conversation with? It was the biggest relief. I had done the impossible. I held on as tight as I could.”

Covid relationships during the pandemic were like the steering wheel when trucks whiz by, like the umbrella handle when wind flips the canopy as couples starved for touch and conversation

Marissa Blose,29, who works in non-profit education in Brooklyn found a man on the dating app who suddenly disappeared like a ghost and returned back with an excuse saying he had been busy donating a kidney to his sister and showed her the scar. Since then things moved very quickly and they started sleeping together, two weeks after we met.

Austin Cole,26,who works at a startup in Los Angeles, lived in downtown Santa Monica where the riots were going on [after George Floyd was murdered] and people were breaking windows with police and helicopters all around the place. “I went to her place and spent the night for the first time. It was something none of us had ever felt before. It was nice to be with someone in that moment of chaos” he said. “The relationship kept intensifying because of Covid,” Cole remembers.

These relationships show us that it’s no surprise that these couples who were clinging to each other for dear life didn’t make .

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