Ban for prisoners serving life sentences for involving in new romantic relationships by Denmark

Denmark will pass a new bill shortly to ban dating for convicted criminals. Prisoners will be prohibited from talking on phone about their crimes and will only be allowed to speak with people they knew before imprisonment through letters and phone calls. This new bill introduced by the Danish government allows prisoners to contact people who are already close to them before imprisonment for the first decade of their sentence. The bill is a six-point one, proposed by minister of Justice Nick Haekkerup, to curb the rise of “groupies” for criminals. Prisoners are primarily being prohibited from spending time by dating or talking about their crimes on social media. This new bill has been proposed as a result of some shocking incidences revealed. These incidences include a woman, Cammilla Kurstein, who fell in love with a submarine killer Peter Madsen when she was 17. This happened as a result of letters exchanged between them and because they could speak on the phone for two long years. In 2017, Cammilla Kurstein interviewed Madsen after he was convicted of murdering journalist Kim Wall. Kim Wall was brutally murdered by Madsen when she was on board in submarine with him and later dismembered her body and dumped it into the sea. Madsen is in prison after a life sentence in 2018.

Mr Haekkerup said: “In recent years, we have seen distasteful examples of inmates who have committed bestial crimes being contacted by very young people to gain their sympathy and attention. Of course, we have to stop that. That is why the government is now coming up with six concrete initiatives that fundamentally restrict the opportunity for lifers and certain detainees to make contact with the outside world.”

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