Another Dating app is leaking User’s Data

There are many dating app which are now revealed as name in the list of apps who are leaking data. Many known names are in the list already. The latest one to join the list is the Heyyo dating app which is leaking information of the users. It is exposing around 72000 users’ data online. The Elasticsearch database, leaked the personal details, images, location data, phone numbers and dating preferences.

Robert Ramsden Board, VP EMEA at Securonix said, “The data leaked exposes users to a host of security threats, which could leave them vulnerable to scammers. Threats range from identify theft, catfishing, blackmail, sexual harassment to phishing. Users should be cautious about the information they share on dating apps and stay alert to any suspicious activity or interactions.”

In 2016 too, a dating website Ashley Madison who has a slogan “Life is short, have an affair” was also revealed as one who has been leaking the data of 37 million users of around 40 countries. The website encourages the users to cheat their spouse.

Warren Poschman, Senior Solutions Architect at comforte AG. said“With the power of data analytics also comes great responsibility – unfortunately something that many organizations still fail to fully grasp, even after numerous breaches.”

Last month four popular apps have been came into the news for their features which were leaking the information of the users. Such apps are getting dangerous for the users as they are leaking the information which could be misused by others.

Dating App Bumble announced $5000 grant for women entrepreneurs

Dating app Bumble which is backed by Priyanka Chopra has announced the APAC Bumble Bizz pitch competition for the women entrepreneurs to empower them. The award of the competition is $5000 which will be awarded to the women funding businesses of countries of Asia.

The competition is going to be held in India, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the Philippines. The winners of the grant will get a chance to visit Sydney to attend the first Bumble Bizz Summit. The smmit is on October 10, 2019.

The women entrepreneur can apply or nominate themselves through any of the three modes which are available o the Bumble. The methods are- Date, BFF and Bizz and swipe through. The last date to apply for the competion is 27th september 2019 at 11:59 pm AEST(7:29 IST).

Bumble APAC Marketing Director Michelle Battersby told Marie Claire magazine. “In awarding the grants we’ll be looking for businesses that have a clear mission and aim to solve a real world problem. We’ll be asking applicants to show why their business exists, how it is currently funded, and how the grant will support future growth,”

Bumble was launched in india in december last year after the investment made by Priyanka Chopra. The tennis star Serena Williams is also one of the investor of the application.

The app was founded by Whitney Wolfe Herd in 2014, and is focused on empowering women, It encourages women to make their first move through the facility to first swipe in the app.

The two features of the Facebook Dating app may enable cheaters

Recently Facebook has rolled out its new Facebook dating App in United States. This made the US 2oth country to get the dating feature.

On the first launch of this feature in Columbia, the product manager of the dating feature Nathan Sharp said”More than 200 million people have listed themselves as single in their relationship status on Facebook,”

“We view this as an incredible opportunity to continue helping people build relationships in meaningful ways on Facebook,” he added.

However, as per Paul Keable, certain aspects of this feature may allow cheating in this app. Paul Keable is the chief Strategy officer at Ashley Madison. The Ashley Madison is a website which has a tagline “Life is short. Have an Affair”. He believes Facebook, Tiner, Bumble etc are the competition of his website.

The app lets you cheat as the app duplicates the facebook profile but it would remove your existing relationship status. This would let the users to join it easily without knowledge of their partners.

Another thing that he noticed in the app is that Facebook dating app would not match you with your facebook friends. So, the possibility of getting caught by your partner is less in this case.

Although, Facebook has done it to keep the privacy of the users. The users can easily opt for the dating feature into the regular facebook mobile app.

Dating App for Autistic Spectrum

A new dating application has been launched on Tuesday, Hiki. This is pronounced “hee-KEY”. The app has been named on the Hawaiian word which means ‘able’ and is the brainchild of 28-year-old developer Jamil Karriem.

His Cousin had an autism spectrum disorder. He told Karriem that he would no get any partner about which Karriem empathized.

On medium Karriem Wrote “[But] it wasn’t until a few weeks later that it dawned on me that while we both felt scared of the unknown—and we both yearned for meaningful connection—I had a myriad of platforms (both digital and physical) at my disposal where I could put myself out there,”. “Moreso, I had the privilege of being able to go to loud bars with flashing lights any night of the week. He didn’t.”

To bring it into the market for Autism spectrum Karriem knew that he would need an autistic spectrum so he included two in his team and others were experts of the field.

He told Newsweek “Everything about the app was designed to be user-friendly to all individuals on the spectrum,”. “The colors are known to not be triggering for sensory purposes, the layout is simplified and very intuitive, there are no flashing lights or sudden changes. And the on-boarding flow is structured in such a way to let you know what is coming up next, to manage expectations and not surprise anyone.”

Ship lets your friends to find a Match for you

There are many dating apps available where you can find your perfect match as per your preference. But one of the is leaving all behind as it offers a facility where your friends would choose a partner for you. Ship is the dating app we are talking about here. It is a dating app developed by Match group and Betches Media. Recently they released the android version of Ship.

The app allows you to swipe to your friends after which your friends can find a match for you. You can share the profiles with your friends and discuss with them in group messages. This app also allows you to invite all your friends to join a ‘crew’. Their friend list may include parent, roommates and siblings. Group chat is provided where all the crew members would be able to discuss the dating profiles and the merits of demerits of these profiles. This app allows the members of this crew to swipe the profiles on your behalf.

This feature of the app is liked by many users and there are also some who don’t like it. Around 53% of the matches are made on this app by such crew members. One of the spokesperson of the ship said that many times friends and family have the right choice for us. This not the first time when dating apps started including friends, before this other apps have also done it.



Due to US security, Chinese man is forced to sell Grindr Dating app

Grindr Gay Dating Application has started causing menace in terms of security and privacy risk. Grindr is making a large percent of revenue as Grindr hasn’t made their assets acquisition with Committee of Foreign Investment in US . Beijing Kunlum Tech has up to 60% of shares in the Grindr app in 2018. This is creating impact on the national security of foreign trade in US. Kunlum is finding ways to sell out Grindr by acquainting with Committee of Foreign Investment in US.

Reuters are not specified about these issues and they have rejected to comment on behalf of this issue. All the matter of security and personal privacy is arising due to very critical and personal data sharing on the site like sexual likes and interests, location of the user, HIV status and much more. This is leading to cybercrime and blackmailing the user’s which makes user’s more sensitive towards security. The Government is trying to reach out for a solution. They believe that sensitive data is the root cause for exploitation and crime.

Due to this, the government is taking serious action regarding this issue as these websites have an instinct regarding fooling people and not assuring whether all the data is protected and under all the security conditions. It should the company’s right to protect it user’s data . Previous year Grindr’s
HIV data got leaked by other firms. Data privacy should be taken care by the company itself.

Online Daters often tend to get eating disorder due to weight management

It is quite often seen that online social media has a huge impact on body shaming. From data analytics,. It has been found that online dating app users are complexed about weight . They are following unhealthy ways to manage their weight. Though this data is partial supportive , still further research needs to be done to prove the whole subject of matter.

US research survey predicts that upto 1700 adults are victimised over the eating disorder illness. Anorexia and bulimia nervosa ill habits are followed by them. And the most ratio following these traditions are women.

Dating has came into limelight when the adults have enrolled themselves into online dating web to easily find their dating partners for romancing and hook ups. The initial step of finding matches if the user’s profile which obviously highlights a person’s physical attributes like body type, skin , color , hair,etc. This makes users a lot more conscious about what they have to upload which can be accepted by the society.

A study regarding the eating habits were evaluated of a online dating app user . It was found out the the users were indulged in six unhealthy weight restricting and dieting behaviours in comparisons to those who didn’t used such dating sites. People used vomiting technique, laxatives, fasting, diet pills , muscle building and fat burning supplements and using anabolic medications. This has been a most sensitive concern regarding societal acceptance of body image through the dating sites.

Elites Single- an app to use for dating

There are so many apps present in these days which makes the choice difficult for a person to choose which dating app one should use. But if you want to know which dating app can be the genuine app and along with that, you won’t get harmed using the app, then we are going to tell you the same today. So many apps are present in the store but still only some apps are such apps which can be trusted and through which you really can choose your partner or make unlimited friends. So here we are talking about one app which will really help you in making a partner for life. So let us talk about the app in details now.

What is Elites Single and how can you use it?

Elites Single is the app one can use in order to find friends and make a partner for life. You can easily download this app from the store and after downloading this app, you can set your profile in this which should have your own picture, your bio, some things about you, your interest which should be enough for someone to know you. After knowing these things, one will try to talk to you for sure. The app is till now the best app has proven for the single. So yes, if you are looking for a dating app to use, you can use this app.

Grindr app- Is it worthy? Find out here.

When people fail to find their partners in their surroundings, they use such dating apps through which they can easily find their soulmate in one click. There are so many apps available but since everyone has their own different criteria and sexual preference, it is difficult for them to meet in one app because every other app is specialized for some sort of people. But there is one app through which you can meet any kind of people regardless of their sexual orientation. Be it a gay, bisexual, homosexual or lesbian, everyone can use this app and find their better half easily. So let us read about the app.

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Tinder Introduces Payment system

The most popular dating app Tinder is rebelling against the android market and has started a payment system. The application is ignoring the requirements of the store where it is listed for download and has started different approach to cut the fees.

The dating app has included a payment system in the android app which lets the users skip the main google play’s system and took them to the payments. This way, users would not get any option to switch back to the google play app.

Match Group spokeswoman Justine Sacco explained it as an experiment to Bloomberg. He said that the dating app company is “constantly” testing new features and that payment options which “benefit [the users’] experience” were an example of this. On this matter, Google’s opinion was also asked, but google has not yet responded to the request.

The experiment is introduced for the android developers only where it allows the direct payment system without using Google Play. This actually means that the app bypasses the Google play which was also done by Epic did with Fortnite.

Probably, Tinder is sure that the Google play would not pull off this popular app from its market and bear any loss, thats why introduced this system. The experiment of the Tinder depicts that it is trying to remain in the store but rebelling the requirements of Google.