Unveil allows daters to know each other other by voice

Unveil app promotes dating by judging the pitch of voice. In this materialistic world where humans are judged by their looks and amount of material showed on their social media, unveil wants it’s users to experience real love which does not get distracted and only loves to hear the other users voice. Unveil is increasing it’s effect from US and Canada to many more countries. Nowadays, youth wants something different. As everyone’s list of attainments also includes finding a right soulmate but they does not want wasting their time to go after wrong ones. Geri McFadden Co-CEO of unveil wanted to try something unique and different in terms of dating. As online dating is a web of catfishing each others. She says that people will be much more content and happy to at least be relaxed that they have find their real partner. By voice connection, a love connection is established. On unveil, users cannot view the other user’s profile but they can hear the audio which might be uploaded by the user.

Unveil app is available for Android and iOS users. After signing in, users can upload their voiceovers and audios which is public for all. Further, if it is a match so they can start conversing on audios.Audio talk are direct and real better than text messaging. It creates a different bond as the comfortability is enhanced. This way is much better to find the love of your life without any faux love. Voice can be quite intimidating

How to download Her App?

OmegleHer app is an online date app for women just like tinder which includes matches within a distance.

  •  This app consists of a distance circle by adjusting the limit from 0 to 100 km.
  •  This app also allows age filters. But people above age 21 can download and use this app.
  • Your profile consists of a board which allows you to pin or write your bio or any interesting quotes which the user can fascinate with. Some users also use it to show their relationship status like single.
  •  This app also consists of love, dislike, rewind and super like button to get a match.
  •  At the bottom bar, badges like chat, notification, feed, filter and profile is available for instantly using those icons.
  • Feature of likes back and it’s a match contributes to the beginning of dating.
     While signing with Instagram and Facebook, the users can get a look to your profile including your videos and photos.

How to download her app?
 For apple user, go to the link
 In case of android user’s click here
 Now, download the app.
 Now, a notification will pop up for signing onto her app.
 Users can sign directly either-or Instagram or Facebook.
 Same profile photos will be used for her profile. You can also change by exporting from your camera roll.
 Now, you can look for people based on location and age after filling up your personal data.

Bumble is launching a Podcast Unsubcribe

With enhancing of mental and wellness issues, Bumble has started their very own podcast services. While travelling, sleeping or in fact while enjoying a day off these podcast can be played. Podcast are the very new technological driven idea which helps in delivering thought with the help of hi- tech media. Unsubscribe by bumble is a new initiative started by Bumble’s VP of marketing , Louise Troen and activist Jada Sezer. These both women named this podcast unsubscribe by the significance of unsubscribing negativity and bring a house of positivism into our lives. Usually human tends to compare their lives with others which make them severely miserable in terms of social and mental issues but Unsubscribe podcast contains many creative line ups like positivity, feminism. This podcast throws limelight on feminists and tries to boost empowerment within female society.

Bumble is offering female candidates almost 5 grants to team containing five women having professions like the director, producer, editor, writers to reproduce a short documentary which helps to break the ceilings of gender inequality. This will also encourage more females to join hands together and motivate society. Candidates can apply latest by 20 TH of march for this short documentary.

Bumble gives women the potential to thrive through negativity and reach its peak by eliminating all the pessimistic ailments. Moreover, these podcasts are women centric and the locus is to make women rise above all. The podcast is available on apple podcasts, Spotify or any other podcast streaming app. Some of the sessions are free of cost. There is no limit to what we as women can accomplish.

How to use Bumble App?

There are so many apps available for dating. But can we trust all the apps really? Well, this is the difficult thing to do because you just can not trust every app at all. There are so many fake profiles these days which can even become a threat to your life. So it is better to use an app which is verified so that we can be safe while dating. Dating is also tough nowadays. You just can not trust anyone and you can not share the details of your personal things with anyone on any site at all. But there is an app called Bumble app which is one of the best dating app ever. Yes, for sure it is because you don’t have to spend money on it like other apps and you can be safe in the app for sure. So if you want to know more about this app, let us see how to use the app.

How to use Bumble App?

There are many ways to use the app. But I will tell you the only simple and legal way. You need to first of all download the app and then make your profile with your real picture and name. To make it more interesting, you can also add a bio so that people can really read it and message you. You can also add more things and make it public if you want to. But yes, be safe while using the app because safety comes first. However, it is recommended app.

Zoosk App

By over thinking don’t make singledom your illness ,Embrace the life of being single and start making love with Zoosk and cure your singledom and relish your life. Starting by a chat and begin to meet with singles near you . Start picking your likes daily among 50 millions of singles daily. Enjoy dating with singles from world wide to make your relationship epic. Zoosk is making love for people for 25 different languages and over 100 different countries to unite you with wide range of diversity. It helps you to find your person according to wish of religion, height, and match as per your personality for easier dating. Enjoy dating and finding singles every day online or offline by this app. It has photo verification that helps to submit your photos and videos. Make your love simple and end your singledom by chat ,connect, meet and enjoy your relationship. Pick your ones among million and enjoy your flirting, talking, meeting.

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What is Adam4Adam and how does it work?

There are so many apps available in the market for the couples but is there any app available for gays as well? If you are also curious about the app, you need to read this article as we are sharing the guide here and all your questions will be resolved by reading this article. So let us read it here.

What is Adam4Adam?

If you want to know what is Adam4Adam, it is an app for the gay community of the world where one can make his profile and also find people like them easily. If you are straight, you do not need to download this app as it is only for the gays and if you are among them, you can find your match in the app easily. You do not need to wait a lot to use the app as it is completely free of cost. Just simply make your profile and start using the app.

How does Adam4Aam work?

If you don’t know how the does the app work, then you need to read this guide here. First of all, you need to download the app and after downloading the app, you need to easily click and make your profile along with your picture and details there. You can write your interest and a give a good bio so that people will like it and message you. You can message people and start talking with them. If they also like you, you can also keep the things ahead and meet the person  and that is how the match will be made.


Pickable is an online dating app designed specifically for women. In this application , there is no use of signing ups and allows 100% privacy of personal information of the user. This app also claims hidden profiles for women as nobody will know if you are on the application. Browsing of the partner goes around . Here men are not allowed to browse partners but can get a statistics of the data of total number of women browsing them . They can be relaxed to be picked. It is a dating app where women can pickup men around them without exposing themselves. This app is safe for women because it keeps the profile anonymous without exposing the picture and name of the user. Both men and women can download the application but only women can pick up the partners and men can accept or reject the proposal.

How to use Pickable?

  • Download the application, both apple and android users can use this app.
  • Enter your personal information without signups.
  • There is also no use to apply a profile picture, instead while picking you can send it to your pickable personally.
  • If women picked the partner, they might send a heart.
  • They might send you a picture with the heart.
  • Men can accept the chat notification and start chatting just like messaging on personal chat.
  • Simply, meet and greet accordingly with just chatting.


You are sitting in a train and you lift your head up. Boom! You see the cutest person you’ve ever seen. There is a tension in the air. You can feel the electricity sparking through your veins. Cupid has finally hit you with her arrow. The train stops and your partner of dreams gets down. Happens right? Introducing Happn, the dating app that lets you grab these missed opportunities. The partner of your dreams who crosses path with you will pop up in the app and you can finally communicate with them through Happn.

What is Happn?

Happn is a location based dating app that allows you to easily find the people you’ve crossed paths with in your daily day to day life. You see someone you like but you don’t have the guts to approach them or the time was inconvenient Well you can come home and find them right on the Happn app. You can send them a “secret like” so that they won’t know you like them unless they secretly like you too. Then it’s a crush! You can then send them a Hi to get noticed which requires one credit. Although Happn is a location based app which helps you to find someone based on your location, it takes your privacy very seriously and thus it doesn’t disclose your location to anyone.

All about downloading:

Since its release in 2014, Happn has emerged as one of the best dating apps in the market with an user-base of over 50 Million. The app is regularly updated to serve you. With over 20,000 people downloading Happn from app stores per week for free, it is definitely the most trusted and safest site to get your favorite and freshly updated apps from.

All About WingMan

All of us wish to find that one perfect in our life to spend the best of our times with. As easy as it is to dream something like this; it is much more difficult to find that perfect person. To have someone by your side to create memories and with whom you can look back onto your best times; having someone by your side indeed becomes a crucial task. To make things much
easier; we will introduce you to this app known as the Wingman.

So what exactly is Wingman?

Wingman slightly has a different touch from the regular dating websites. All of us know that friends know us better than anyone; then of course they know us better than anyone when it comes to our choices for dating. Wingman, just as it name suggests executes itself just on the online platform. You can introduce people to your friend and find the perfect match for your friend!

How does Wingman work?

All you have to do is, sign up on their app and verify yourself as your friend’s wingman. You then describe your friend and make his profile as
attractive as possible; after all of that is posted you can find matches for your friend! You have to swipe right and then further make an introduction
to your friend. If they happen to like your friend, then they give them a thumbs up by liking and then both of them can start a conversation of you
their own.

The League

With so many dating apps out there, it so crucial to choose the right dating app; so that you come across that perfect match. The league app makes all of this possible. It lets you have a lot of choices and also lets you put in a lot of qualities, so that you come across the right person! With a no-compromise spirit; the league dating app will make things easier for you.
The league app lets you put in all the details that you wish in your partner. Basically, it lets you define your taste in your partner and then looks around for people around according. It also lets you put in an intro of yourself; so if you wish to make a good first impression, you can dash in an amazing intro and make things much easier for yourself! This feature is the most viable as
whatever age group you may be in; if you specify the age group, it will let you come across the people of that age group only.

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