Dating tips for love in the time of COVID-19

Since coronavirus is spreading due to which the countries are lock down, people are not going out from their houses and doing work from home, dating apps are being used effectively. People are using dating apps for talking to each other but if you are planning to meet someone, here are some things which should be kept in mind. So let us read all of them here-

1- Wash your hands- No matter how safe you think you are, you should always keep washing your hands. Especially when you are coming from out after meeting someone, it is important to wash your hands.

2-Use a sanitizer- If you want to keep extra safety with you, it is better to keep a sanitizer with you so that whenever you go out, you can keep a sanitizer and wash your hands after you touch anything.

3- Use Masks- If you are going out, it is good to wear a mask and avoid the crowded place as much as you can and only go for the places that are not crowded. Do not go to public place.

4- Talk and not meet- It is easy if you don’t meet people physically these days. If you can simply use the technology and talk to each other without meeting each other, it is going to be beneficial for the whole world.

So these were the tips through which you can make love in the time of coronavirus too.

Healthy dating advice from Bumble and Tinder for COVID-19 time love

Because of Coronavirus, people are not going out from their home no matter what. The government has also stated that people should work from their home and they have also closed the public centres like gym, pub, bar, school, colleges for few weeks.

The time is difficult and dating app like Tinder and Bumble is helping out the people who are lonely by swipe left on the coronavirus and asking people to take extra precautions if you are going for a hook up in the times of COVID-19.

Tinder has also warned their users to think about meeting someone during this pandemic and giving some notifications to keep an extra care for their users to remind them about the same.

In the notification, they are asking people to skip the meet and use the app for taking and if they are meeting someone, they should carry a sanitizer, maintain a good social distance especially if it is public gathering and do not touch your faces. Also, keep washing your hands when possible.

Bumble is also asking people to meet through their phone call via a video call or voice call as the lockdown is in the world. And since people are getting affected and spreading Coronavirus, try to be as anti social as you can when it comes to meeting.

A dating app paid $24,000 to a guy for leaking the photos

Recently, a dating app has paid around $24,000 to a guy for the settlement of leaking the nude photos of their user that happened last year.

The app named Jack’d has around 6 million users every month is a gay dating site and also for bisexual men. Like any other dating app, this app also allows the users to post their private picture but it only is shown to the person he sends to and no one else.

But in 2018, the cyber security researched reported that there is a flaw means the leak in the private photos and sensitive informations became public and the makers couldn’t fix the problem.

However, the company has stated that they will pay $240,000 to New York state and will take all the safety measures through which it will not happen next time. They stated- “the app’s interface has explicitly and implicitly represented that the private pictures feature can be used to exchange nude images securely and, more importantly, privately”.

Jame said- “didn’t do anything about it for a full year just so that they could continue to make a profit.”

The CEO of the parent company, Adam Segel told the independent- Online Buddies became aware of a potential security flaw in the Jack’d app that was corrected earlier this year. “We apologise to our users for this flaw. We worked closely with, and cooperated fully with, the New York attorney general’s office in their investigation of this matter.With new leadership and stronger security measures in place, Jack’d users can continue to rely on the security of their personal data. We greatly value all of our Jack’d users throughout the world and wish all in our community a happy and healthy pride.”

How this couple from Dating app is making love while coronavirus

Since Coronavirus is one of the major issue in the world, everyone is getting affected because of it. And talking about one couple who haven’t shared their names due to privacy reasons tells that they are having a great expecations with their love life. The lady says that she find it little romantic.

She says- “I’m working the DMs,” says the single financial adviser, who lives in North Jersey. “It’s been quiet . . . Everyone’s very cautious. “I was supposed to go visit him, but then we both got freaked out,” says Baer, 21, a former political campaign staffer. She and Konig, 23, have been together for a year and a half, and long-distance for eight months. “If domestic flights get cancelled for months, I’d be really upset. He’s nervous that I’m going to bring coronavirus to Dallas and be patient zero in Texas, but I don’t have symptoms and I’m not sick,” says Baer, who says they’ve been keeping the love alive through FaceTime. “I don’t want to get hysterical.

According to her, Coronavirus is a big issue but it is not killing the lover. Be it for a single or for an already dating one, you might get a good time being at home with your partner. It is indeed a good time staying for the couple. She met a guy on dating app and now, according to her when they are not allowed to go out and roam, it is better to stay at home and make love.

Indeed, it is a good idea.

Some of the dos and don’t for people who are in dating app

Being on a dating app is nothing wrong. In fact, it is a good platform where you can meet people around. Generally people do it and like it. So yes, there is nothing wrong in using the dating app. However, you must take care of few things which should be taken care of. Let us read them-


Let us start from the dos.

1- Always wait for some time after sending one message. Do not rush it because it might make you look like a desperate.

2- Always be safe and be clear about what you want. You may not understand the intentions of the person you are talking to so it is better to be clear instead of having a misleading information.

3- Try to take time in knowing someone. Try talking them for few weeks and then initiate the meeting.


Now let us read the things you should not do-

1- Do not let the person read your mind. Always be little tricky about your thoughts and do not let them know that you like them.

2- Do not judge people often. You can simply take time and know the person well.

3- Do not go on blind dates if you are looking for a safety. Always make sure that you have seen the person enough and meet them.

4- Do not make account on any random dating app. Some of them can be evil.

Follow these and let your dating happen.

Women stabbed a man she met on dating app

Dating is fun these days. People like using dating apps because they have got so many options and you can be clear with the intentions before you start dating each other. In a dating app, you can tell all you want to and spend enough time together in order to know each other.

However, since there are many dating apps available, people are getting addicted to it and some are also misusing these apps. One such case is about a woman who stabbed a man she met through dating app.

They met each other at a hotel and the woman attacked him and stabbed. When the police came, they saw the man got stabbed already and is at hotel.

He was spending time with the woman he met through a dating app and then the women stabbed him all of sudden. The officials still have no clue about this but they have seen the car in which the woman ran.

The man simply called 911 to ask for the help and when the police came to his help, the woman was not there. The officials are still not sure how did it happen. However, the investigation is on.

Our request will be to stay safe in such dating apps because it can be very dangerous these days. So before you go on a date with someone you don’t know, please be safe and alert.

Tinder warns about Coronavirus to their users

If you are updated with current trends of the world, you would know Coronavirus is getting rapidly spread in people and has till now claimed more than 3,000 people lives in different 50 or more countries. It is a transmitting disease started from Wuhan, China. On this, a famous dating app Tinder has decided to aware their users and is urging to maintain a social distance at public to prevent yourself from Coronavirus.

Tinder has started displaying a message on their app to continue having fun but they must protect themselves first. They have also told people about how to aware them and how to protect with all the mandatory precautions to be taken.

They have stated and urged the people using the app to use hand sanitizer and wash their hands as much as possible frequently. Do not go out and keep a social distance when you are at public place with people.

When being asked about this, their communication expert Katherine Albury said-“Lots of the apps have an element of social license and a corporate social responsibility to users,” “It’s [the advertisement] being seen to acknowledge a significant thing that is happening in the world right now.

“If part of your business is deliberately to connect people to other people, then health concerns are part of the broader responsibility for your business or organisation.”

She is making sure to aware maximum number of people from this disease to have a good future.

Man got arrested for raping the woman he met on dating app

Dating these days is a common phrase among youngsters. Before getting married, people prefer dating over a committed relationship and thus, dating app usage has been increased.

But using a dating app can also be very dangerous. How? here’s the case you will be shocked to know. Recently, a man, Kade Duane Peterson, 22, has been arrested who is accused of raping a woman he met on dating app.

Peterson met this woman on a dating app and after some weeks of talking, they agreed to go on a date. Everything was going good and Peter picked up the woman and drove to Weber county.

According to the police affidavit- The victim stated that Kade seemed to be driving around in circles, which caused her to lose track of where they were. The victim stated that Kade ultimately parked in an area she described as a ‘wooded area’ but was unsure of exactly where they were,”

Also, investigators told that the woman suffers from a traumatic brain injury along with weakness on her left side from a prior unrelated incident about two years ago.”“During this, the victim stated that she was asking Kade what he was doing and telling him ‘No, this is not consent,’“The victim stated that she knew she could not fight off Kade because of her weakness on the left side of her body. The victim stated that she knew Kade was strong because he talked about his previous wrestling days while they drove around prior to the incident.”

Now, the search warrant has been served. Let us see what will be final decision of the court.

Hannah Brown said that she has been in Waiting list on Raya’s website since months

Hannah Brown who has successfully done season 15 of ABC’s “The Bachelorette” and won season 28 of ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars,” She said that she can’t get on Raya, which is an exclusive dating app with a lengthy application process.

Recently she posted on Instagram story that she’s been on the waitlist for months  and still didn’t get into the website.

“Guys, I don’t know if you know this, but, I was the Bachelorette, and I can’t get on Raya,” Brown said. “I’ve been on the waiting list for months now.”

As per the Raya’s website, “Applications are assessed based on algorithmic values and input from hundreds of members of the committee spread throughout the world. Committee members are anonymous to each other and are comprised of various backgrounds, interests, ages, and sexual orientation.”

The website also specifies, “Application decisions can range anywhere from a day to a few months.”

Frustrated that she still hadn’t been accepted onto Raya, she added, “I’m done. Christian Mingle, here I come.”

Brown, who revealed that she had sex during her season of “The Bachelorette” joked, “I might not be allowed on Christian Mingle at this point, but if not, they don’t know the gospel — Jesus still loves me.”

Sophie Watson, a PR manager for Christian Mingle, said, “We’d love to have Hannah on our app.” She also said that Christian Mingle has offered Brown a complimentary premium membership on the app.

“We don’t do waiting lists — we are accepting of all singles on Christian Mingle. Anyone with faith for Jesus in their heart is welcome here,” the app’s brand manager said, according to Watson.

Trailblazing Trans dating app can automatically detect transphobic language

Butterfly dating app is an app for trans people. It can automatically detect the transphobic messages and correct them to protect the users from being abused. This app has an auto-correct feature which prevents people from sending transphobic abuse to trans users, as per sources.

This app was started by David Ronald Minns, the main goal of the app is to educate cisgender users about hurtful and degrading language through the auto-censor feature.

Its been 13 years, Minns has been developing dating apps. He decided to start Butterfly specifically for the trans people, who can face abuse and discrimination on other dating apps.

“It wasn’t sufficient to simply add transgender as a gender option,” he told media.

“Trans people on other dating apps either have to send a lot of messages and expect high rejection rates or sit back and wait to be contacted, either scenario is far from ideal.”

He added: “On Butterfly, transgender folk can take the lead.”

“Users can select every gender of interest for potential matches and once set, can pick other preferences such as distance, age and activity,” Minns said.

He has also shown his concern to Apple and Google to include this in their apps in their stores which use and allow transphobic language.