Tinder or Happn? Which app is better?

There are different apps available in dating. And due to this, people are confused about whether which app to download because so many apps are there these days. And especially when it comes to dating, every day, you hear about new app. But you can not use any random app at all because you have to be aware about which app is something people are using these days. This is the reason we have come with two best app people can use easily. Now let us talk and discuss about these apps.


As we all know, tinder is the app people love using because of its interface and the way it works. It works in free of cost. However, if you want to use good features then you can also use the premium feature of the app. The app is one of the best app one can use. All over, it is a good app and people can download it. Tinder is also the app which is one of the most downloaded app.


Happn is not a different app at all. It also is same like Tinder however, it is kind of new app as Tinder. In this app, you will find dates whenever you cross their path just like Tinder. It is a free of cost app where you can talk to anyone. It is also a good app.

Which app is better?

Both the apps are good. If you want to know many people, you can use Tinder. If you want to use free app, you can go for other app.

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