Woman’s Dating Detox Turns into a Spiritual Reckoning while travelling across the globe

Natasha Scripture in her memoir named ‘Man Fast: How One Woman’s Dating Detox Turned into a Spiritual Reckoning Across Four Continents (Piatkus, 2021)’ narrates her romantic trysts and spiritual quest during her journey of life to find peace.

Natasha scripture is a renowned Author, poet, activist and former aid-worker. She was addicted to her job as a writer, producer and editor for several organisations. She worked at different refugee camps, war zones and natural disaster areas in places like Ethiopia, Haiti, Libya and Pakistan. During this phase of life, she came across many men and dated them, but her romantic liaisons did not last long and made her upset. She was heartbroken and started questioning herself and her sexuality when she had a lesbian encounter with a divorced older woman who had children.

At 38, She left a full-time position at the UN to become a consultant and balance her work and life. She began her path of self-discovery of life after becoming a consultant with her stay of three months in India knowing about Ayurveda in mumbai and mindfulness at an ashram in Kerala. She also visited many temples in Madurai. She was part of a kundalini yoga health and wellness retreat. During her stay in India, she read Bhagavad Gita, Sufi mystical poetry, learnt sitar and her regular classes of meditation gave her peace.

Later , At Martha’s Vineyard, She got a chance to go on a complete digital detox to get mental peace. Her book explains Ayurveda, meditation, yoga, Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, minimalism, yin and yang with a conversational tone making one feel like talking to a friend. Her writings definitely gives a meaning to our lives.

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