Dating app sued by an Australian women for matching her with man shorter than 6 feet height

n a bizarre incident, a woman Eileen Moore, a resident of Australia sued a dating agency as she was in search of a tall man, but the app matched her with a man shorter than 6 feet in height. Eileen Moore, the doctor by profession, was disappointed and moved towards the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribune against the dating agency for matching her with a man named David, who is less than 6 feet in height and did not match her desire. Moore has demanded a refund amount of $4,995 and an apology letter from the agency.

Moore joined the dating app in 2019 at the age of 36, with the expectation of marrying someone native to Australia with Irish descent, raised as a Roman Catholic, and more importantly taller than 6 feet in height. She was very clear that she was not looking out for the ‘love of her’ life but wanted a person to marry above 6 feet in height. Moore said she explained her requirements clearly to the dating agency’s ‘psychotherapeutic consultant’ Lisa Haynes, as all her family members were tall and she was the shorter one. Moore was surprised and frustrated in her first visit with David. She was so disappointed that she did not turn up for the second meeting. After the meeting, she tried to contact the dating agency but received no response from their side.

Moore is firm with her decision against the dating agency and is not ready for any outside court settlement. The hearing is expected to proceed in February 2022

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