Daters go slow in the fast-moving Pandemic

Covid-19 has affected the world in every possible way with people resorting to virtual ways. People have been hesitant to meet each other even in the dating world and have postponed their meetings even after receiving their necessary doses of vaccine.

Kerry Kijewski says “I feel the pressure to meet soon before things worsen again, but I am afraid to do many things out of my house these days”. Ms. Kijewski, 37, had undergone kidney transplant before covid-19 and has been fully vaccinated with both the doses, but due to the fear of delta variant, she has delayed her meeting with a person she met online through a dating app although he stays only 40 minutes away from her London home, keeping her relationship only virtual.

According to surveys, Dating app Bumble tells 30 percent only want to date people who are vaccinated, 41 percent want their meetings to follow the covid-19 meeting protocols and According to an online poll conducted by The Pill Club, 64 percent of the people said they were very cautious in meetings and hookups due to the pandemic. Even with a considerable drop in the number of cases since summer, people are still giving priority to safety for their health concerns.

Dating apps like Bumble have added a feature of “I’m vaccinated” badge to their profile to fulfill people’s desire by allowing safe meetings. Although the pandemic might be nearing an end in the future, People have decided to take their time in dating and making their decisions for their love life and marriage.

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