Tinder to start global mode for their users

The famous dating app of India Tinder is planning to start the global mode for their users. It means that someone who is on Tinder can match their profile with anyone around the world easily.

For now, you only can date someone who is nearby. Tinder works with your GPS through which they track your current place and make a match with someone who is around you within some specific KM limit. But now, they are planning to make it for global mode so that people can date anyone irrespective of their place.

Along with this, they are also working on many other features and trying to launch with some improvements such as video calling and one to one chat reply. They are planning to make itbetter.

The feature of global mode is currently being tested by the team and soon it will be launched for all the users. The best part is that this feature will be launched for free of cost and hence people can easily use it without spending a penny.

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