New age dating rule here-

Are you aware of the dating rules of the new world? Well, by the term new world, we mean the world after COVID-19. Since Coronavirus outbreak happened and it has become a part of all our lives, it is crucial to be habitual of it and know what should be done and what not. So to make it clear and easy for you, we have come up with the list of new age dating rule you must know about. So let us get started.

1. Always use a mask

No matter how much you have spent on your upper lip and lipstick, you must not go out without a mask. It is essential now. Do not be insane by going out without a mask just to look cool. It will make you look nothing but an idiot.

2. Hand Sanitizer

Along with a mask, go on a date with a hand sanitizer always. You don’t have to carry a big one with you. A pocket one will also work. You should always carry a sanitizer so that you can clean your hands after a hand shake.

3. No kiss

If you think that you should kiss the person you are meeting on a first date, then it is a big no. You must not do it because it is not safe. Since you are not aware with the lifestyle of the person, you should not take a risk by kissing the person. Be careful all the time.

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