Match and Bumble Finally end their litigation on Patents

Tinder and Bumble are both in the race of competition to be the best dating app. Tinder owner Match Group LLC and the makers of competing dating app Bumble have recently jointly dismissed a Texas federal court case in which Match accused Bumble Trading Inc. of infringing its dating-app patents and trademarks.

Match sued Blumble which is created by former Tinder executives, for the infringement of the patents covering dating app technology, trademarks related to Tinder’s “Swipe” function, and trade dress in the app’s design. Bumble countered with accusations that Match engaged in fraudulent buyout negotiations with it.

In the month of April too, Match Accused Bumble that it is exploiting COVID-19 crisis to postpone the case.n

The parties’ attorneys have not yet responded to a request for more information about the dismissal. The court filing said the parties would dismiss all of the claims and counterclaims with prejudice.

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