Will COVID-19 change the rules of dating forever?

Due to this new pandemic outbreak, people are not getting out of their houses. They are worried and locked at their homes only. Nobody is allowed to roam freely like they were. We all have to be inside and take care of ourselves.

It is indeed a situation which is very tough for all of us. But the question is, will it end?

And if it will end, then when will it be ended? The question is going in our minds since long and if we see news, we even see experts saying that it will not go ever and people have to accept it as a part of our lives.

But then the question is, for how long are we going to be locked at our homes? isn’t it a big thing to keep staying at our homes forever? Well, in such situation, the lockdown will get over and people will be out of their houses.

But not as freely as they were earlier.

There will be a mask and social distancing mandatory. And things like even dating will be going on like it used to be but with taking the safety measurements.

You all must be safe and secured. And if you can wait for this time to get over, your relationship will get stronger than ever.

So stay strong, stay at home.

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