During Covid, Hilly app is launched in china to help people in dating

Hily, a Las Vegas-based dating app will be now available in Japan, as per the announcement made by the company. This app has more than 16 million users. The main goal of the app is to provide facility for better communication to users.

“We know how hard it can be to start a talk or to come up with interesting talking points with a person that you’ve never met before. However, you have to be able to start or support a great conversation for things to go further. That’s why our app is all about quality and great communication. In times of social distancing, it became even more important,” says Hily’s Head of Business Development Halyna Virt.

With lots of easy features, it is expected that Hily will give better opportunities to the single of Japan to meet and get along. These have been the main reasons because of which half of the population of Japan is not able to find a partner, as per a government survey of 2019.

“We’ve run lots of tests, and we know that Hily’s features would be a perfect fit for Japanese singles. For example, we’ve noticed that Japanese singles love watching stories on the app. They do it at least two times more often than our other users. Our features will also come in handy to those who are busy with work or too shy to make the first move,” says Alex Pasykov, Hily’s CEO.

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