Why there is a hike in the dating app users in the lockdown? Find out here

We all are in this situation where we can not go out even for work. Everything is digitalized and if we are into some job which can be done remotely, we will do it through the home only. It is a tough situation for all but people are also spending more time with their family, loved ones and children.

However, in this situation, divorce cases are getting filed too. Apart from this, people are also going for dating apps more and more. After researching on the same, it is because people are not happy with living together with their partners for all day long. They need space and that is why they are using dating apps.

Many people have stated that they can not be with their partner anymore and that is why they are using the dating apps so that they can talk to new people if not date them.

Let us know your comments over the same. Please share your views.

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