Here is how you can keep your dating ON even in COVID-19

Many of you must be depressed because you are not able to meet your partner during the lockdown. Indeed, it is a depressing thing. But meeting physically is the only way to meet somebody? Well, we can even meet people without meeting them physically. Thanks to the technology which keeps us all connected.

If you are not sure how to keep your dating game on, then here’s the tip through which you can still keep in touch with your partner and make it a virtual date.

So let’s get started with this idea of virtual date-

1. Always dress up

Even though you are not present physically, you must make some efforts and get ready and dress up nicely so that you both can see each other and have a feel like you are on a date.

Dressing up can never be so boring. So try to do your best and wear fancy clothes, put makeup if you want, make your hair and get ready for your virtual fancy and dreamy date.

2. Keep your feelings out

Just because you can not touch each other, you don’t have to keep your feelings in. You still can show what you feel to your partner by your messages, voice notes and talks.

Be vocal about your feelings and make each other feel special.

3. Cook with each other

If you are not together, you can do a video call and cook with each other live. It would be a great idea to keep you both engaged in each other.

So these were some of the tips. Let us know how you think about it and what is your take on your date.

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