Grinder to be sold for $608 Million

Grinder is a known gay dating app which was acquired by a Chinese gaming company 4 years back. And recently, they have announced that they are going to sell it for $608.5 million.

It is a known and big app which has more than 4 million active users everyday and it is also known as the largest social networking app for gay, transgender, queer and bisexual people from all around the globe.

The app is available for everyone and it has two versions, paid and free. People can choose the version according to their own use. The app has been the number one choice of many.

The owner of the app, Kunlul is the largest mobile gaming companies. The app owner is looking forward to make a deal with US for selling this big app.

USA is very strict with the privacy of the app and how they deal with the data of the users. Hence, they are going to make a deal on the basis of how safe the app is for the users.

If the deal happens, then users can for sure see some change in the app and see some other changes in the privacy of the app.

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