Dating apps have launched new features- check out here

Due to lockdown, everyone is suffering and so as the dating apps. It has become challenging for the users to find a date during the lockdown. People are not allowed to go out and that is why they are unable to find new dates.

A famous dating app Bumble has already announced the feature of virtual dating badge and video chats which all their users can use now during the lockdown. They have made their settings in such way that you will be able to match with anyone within the country whereas earlier, it was for the distance of 1 to 100 miles only.

OkCupid, another famous dating app has also started discussing about the virtual date ideas and what all they can do for the users. They are working with many binge watching ideas too which will be out in few days. They have also done their partnership with YouTube channel named the screen patti so that they can bring out the video of TSP’ lockdown wala match for their users.

Also, Tinder, again a dating app has also made their passport feature free for all their users. Earlier it was only limited for their gold subscribers but now, it is free for all.

All these ideas and features the apps are launching are for their users so that they can still manage to talk to people and kill their boredom during the lockdown too.

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