A dating app paid $24,000 to a guy for leaking the photos

Recently, a dating app has paid around $24,000 to a guy for the settlement of leaking the nude photos of their user that happened last year.

The app named Jack’d has around 6 million users every month is a gay dating site and also for bisexual men. Like any other dating app, this app also allows the users to post their private picture but it only is shown to the person he sends to and no one else.

But in 2018, the cyber security researched reported that there is a flaw means the leak in the private photos and sensitive informations became public and the makers couldn’t fix the problem.

However, the company has stated that they will pay $240,000 to New York state and will take all the safety measures through which it will not happen next time. They stated- “the app’s interface has explicitly and implicitly represented that the private pictures feature can be used to exchange nude images securely and, more importantly, privately”.

Jame said- “didn’t do anything about it for a full year just so that they could continue to make a profit.”

The CEO of the parent company, Adam Segel told the independent- Online Buddies became aware of a potential security flaw in the Jack’d app that was corrected earlier this year. “We apologise to our users for this flaw. We worked closely with, and cooperated fully with, the New York attorney general’s office in their investigation of this matter.With new leadership and stronger security measures in place, Jack’d users can continue to rely on the security of their personal data. We greatly value all of our Jack’d users throughout the world and wish all in our community a happy and healthy pride.”

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