Healthy dating advice from Bumble and Tinder for COVID-19 time love

Because of Coronavirus, people are not going out from their home no matter what. The government has also stated that people should work from their home and they have also closed the public centres like gym, pub, bar, school, colleges for few weeks.

The time is difficult and dating app like Tinder and Bumble is helping out the people who are lonely by swipe left on the coronavirus and asking people to take extra precautions if you are going for a hook up in the times of COVID-19.

Tinder has also warned their users to think about meeting someone during this pandemic and giving some notifications to keep an extra care for their users to remind them about the same.

In the notification, they are asking people to skip the meet and use the app for taking and if they are meeting someone, they should carry a sanitizer, maintain a good social distance especially if it is public gathering and do not touch your faces. Also, keep washing your hands when possible.

Bumble is also asking people to meet through their phone call via a video call or voice call as the lockdown is in the world. And since people are getting affected and spreading Coronavirus, try to be as anti social as you can when it comes to meeting.

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