How this couple from Dating app is making love while coronavirus

Since Coronavirus is one of the major issue in the world, everyone is getting affected because of it. And talking about one couple who haven’t shared their names due to privacy reasons tells that they are having a great expecations with their love life. The lady says that she find it little romantic.

She says- “I’m working the DMs,” says the single financial adviser, who lives in North Jersey. “It’s been quiet . . . Everyone’s very cautious. “I was supposed to go visit him, but then we both got freaked out,” says Baer, 21, a former political campaign staffer. She and Konig, 23, have been together for a year and a half, and long-distance for eight months. “If domestic flights get cancelled for months, I’d be really upset. He’s nervous that I’m going to bring coronavirus to Dallas and be patient zero in Texas, but I don’t have symptoms and I’m not sick,” says Baer, who says they’ve been keeping the love alive through FaceTime. “I don’t want to get hysterical.

According to her, Coronavirus is a big issue but it is not killing the lover. Be it for a single or for an already dating one, you might get a good time being at home with your partner. It is indeed a good time staying for the couple. She met a guy on dating app and now, according to her when they are not allowed to go out and roam, it is better to stay at home and make love.

Indeed, it is a good idea.

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