How time has changed after COVID-19

If you are in love with someone, then you know how difficult it was to be in lockdown for almost for four months and not seeing to that person. It was a big time and hence, people have started living like this. Even after the lockdown has lifted up, things remain same and hence, people are living their lives differently. So here are some of the things which couples have done to keep their bond stronger even after the COVID-19.

1. Virtual hugs

Gone are the days when you used to meet each other and jump on each other. Now instead of doing that, couples are more into the virtual hugs and love to each other. They are not meeting each other however, their love remains same and that is the reason they are making love and keep together virtually.

2. More talking, less meeting

After this lockdown era, people are still not able to meet each other like they used to. Things have changed and hence, most of the couples are more talking and less meeting. They are spending time with each other via phone calls and face times instead of meeting each other.

3. Knowing each other

Now since people are getting time with each other, they are more into each other. They are talking to each other and knowing about their partner. Earlier, they used to spend time but there were less talk. However, now people are more talking and less meeting due to which they are getting to know each other.

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