5 Dating apps that were leaking data

Recently, IT researchers of WizCase found 5 dating apps that were leaking personal data of the users. These apps were leaking data of US and east Asia users. Earlier too, many apps were caught leaking data of users and penalized for this.

The five apps that were caught leaking data are:-

Yestiki app which is a US based dating app was found to be in the list of apps leaking data. It was leaking data which includes users’ real names, phone numbers, GPS location, activity logs, and much more. This app leaked 4300 user records which culminate to 352MB via MongoDB server.

Blurry is also in this list. It has exposed 70,000 records via the Elasticsearch server. The data breach includes private messages exchanged using the platform. Even some of those messages had confidential information such as Instagram handles and phone numbers.

Two dating apps of Japan, Charin and exposed 102,000,000 (57GB) customer records. It leaked information like users’ email addresses, cleartext passwords, IDs, mobile device information, and their personal preferences.

Another app which leaked data is Congdaq/Kongdaq created by SPYKX.com. It has exposed 123,000 (600MB) user records via the Elasticsearch server. The data had users’ private yet sensitive information including cleartext passwords, gender, date of birth, and GPS location.

Fifth app which leaked the data is Catholics Singles which is an US dating app. It exposed sensitive user information including their names, email addresses, phone numbers, age, occupation, education, and billing address. Even it had information like users’ physical characteristics like hair, eye color, and internet activity.

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