Women stabbed a man she met on dating app

Dating is fun these days. People like using dating apps because they have got so many options and you can be clear with the intentions before you start dating each other. In a dating app, you can tell all you want to and spend enough time together in order to know each other.

However, since there are many dating apps available, people are getting addicted to it and some are also misusing these apps. One such case is about a woman who stabbed a man she met through dating app.

They met each other at a hotel and the woman attacked him and stabbed. When the police came, they saw the man got stabbed already and is at hotel.

He was spending time with the woman he met through a dating app and then the women stabbed him all of sudden. The officials still have no clue about this but they have seen the car in which the woman ran.

The man simply called 911 to ask for the help and when the police came to his help, the woman was not there. The officials are still not sure how did it happen. However, the investigation is on.

Our request will be to stay safe in such dating apps because it can be very dangerous these days. So before you go on a date with someone you don’t know, please be safe and alert.

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