Tinder warns about Coronavirus to their users

If you are updated with current trends of the world, you would know Coronavirus is getting rapidly spread in people and has till now claimed more than 3,000 people lives in different 50 or more countries. It is a transmitting disease started from Wuhan, China. On this, a famous dating app Tinder has decided to aware their users and is urging to maintain a social distance at public to prevent yourself from Coronavirus.

Tinder has started displaying a message on their app to continue having fun but they must protect themselves first. They have also told people about how to aware them and how to protect with all the mandatory precautions to be taken.

They have stated and urged the people using the app to use hand sanitizer and wash their hands as much as possible frequently. Do not go out and keep a social distance when you are at public place with people.

When being asked about this, their communication expert Katherine Albury said-“Lots of the apps have an element of social license and a corporate social responsibility to users,” “It’s [the advertisement] being seen to acknowledge a significant thing that is happening in the world right now.

“If part of your business is deliberately to connect people to other people, then health concerns are part of the broader responsibility for your business or organisation.”

She is making sure to aware maximum number of people from this disease to have a good future.

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