Tinder users to experience Reality show

Now tinder users would be able to experience a reality show on their app.
Tinder’s “Swipe Night” debuted in the US on October 6, the dating app said, describing it as an “apocalyptic adventure” that will let members play leading roles and make quick moral choices as a group of friends face the end of the world.
The app dating service, is well known for its “swipe” feature on the profiles of prospective partners. The app said that  it hopes that the interactive show will help users who face their own thorny decisions for finding a partner in this uncertain world.

“Let’s face it, if we knew the world was ending, we wouldn’t want to go it alone,” Tinder said in a blog post Friday announcing the new feature.

“We can’t think of a better way to break the ice than over emojis and the apocalypse.”

“Swipe Night” is described as “a first-person, apocalyptic adventure where at key turning points” Tinder members decide what happens next.

In this show there is a group of friends played by actors Angela Wong Carbone, Jordan Christian Hearn and Shea Gabor and asks users to guide them through “moral dilemmas and practical choices.”

A new episode of “Swipe Night” is aired every Sunday and is able stream live inside the app.

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