Some Do’s and Don’t about the leading dating app Tinder

Dating apps are very much fun. People use it for different reasons. Some people use it for friendship, some for lay down and some for serious relationships. Nowadays, people also use it to find a groom or a bride for them. And most of the people use the app called Tinder. It is one of the finest dating app that we all are aware of. Why? Because this app is very much secured. You can not fool people through it. You can not make fake profile on this app. How? Because of the features of this app. The features of this app are very good and helping for all of us. Now let us read some of the features of this app here-

1- This app can not be used if you don’t login it through your Facebook in order to know if you are a real person or making a fake account. You should use your original display picture to use it otherwise you can not use this app.

2- You will get all the rights to block someone who you think is not for you. You can simply swipe left for them or if they annoy, you can report or block them too.

3- You can have a video call, voice call and texting through the app. If you want to use more features of it like who viewed your profile and etc, then you should use the premium version of this app.

Is it good?

Yes, you can trust the app and use it for longer time until you find your one.

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