Unveil allows daters to know each other other by voice

Unveil app promotes dating by judging the pitch of voice. In this materialistic world where humans are judged by their looks and amount of material showed on their social media, unveil wants it’s users to experience real love which does not get distracted and only loves to hear the other users voice. Unveil is increasing it’s effect from US and Canada to many more countries. Nowadays, youth wants something different. As everyone’s list of attainments also includes finding a right soulmate but they does not want wasting their time to go after wrong ones. Geri McFadden Co-CEO of unveil wanted to try something unique and different in terms of dating. As online dating is a web of catfishing each others. She says that people will be much more content and happy to at least be relaxed that they have find their real partner. By voice connection, a love connection is established. On unveil, users cannot view the other user’s profile but they can hear the audio which might be uploaded by the user.

Unveil app is available for Android and iOS users. After signing in, users can upload their voiceovers and audios which is public for all. Further, if it is a match so they can start conversing on audios.Audio talk are direct and real better than text messaging. It creates a different bond as the comfortability is enhanced. This way is much better to find the love of your life without any faux love. Voice can be quite intimidating

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