Indian man got abused for his Chinese origin girlfriend

Recently, a video has got viral where an Indian man got abused due to his nationality. An Indian man, dave got abused by some random person for having a Chinese girlfriend. It was a normal evening when they were crossing nearby and suddenly a man came to them and started abusing them for having international love affair. The man abused the Indian man and said that he should only date women from his country. He also asked his girl to leave him as he is Indian. The man was surely not doing right and Dave took him to his social media and told the country about the incident he faced.

He wrote- “I come from a mixed-race background and so is my girlfriend. We both are mixed race, but we are proud to be Singaporeans. I feel we shouldn’t be publicly shamed just because of our skin colour. Love is love. Love has no race love has no religion. You and I should be able to love whoever we want to love. Let’s not become like this man in the video.”

On this, Singapore, where the incident took place also supported Dave and showed the support towards him as it was the right thing to do and even the authorities tried supporting the Indian man against the racism he was facing.

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