Dating app sees a hike in women users

During the pandemic, people have changed their way of living. They are getting digitalized in everything they can do. Be it buying food or finding a partner, people are finding it via the internet. Talking about this in brief, during the pandemic, dating apps have witnessed more active women users than any time ever.

According to a famous portal, we have seen a 12% of hike in women users in 2020. The survey was conducted for many famous T1 cities. It has also been seen that women users are using it for more than 12 hours while men are doing comparatively lesser.

On this, the CEO of QuackQuack, Ravi Mittal said- “Today, more women are adapting to dating culture and their topmost priority has been to find a genuine match for them. It is really an interesting thing to see how dating culture is evolving these days and women are taking part in it whereas it wasn’t the same earlier before the pandemic hit on us.”

As per the reports, the main aim of women was always to find the perfect match for a long-term relationship whereas for men, it isn’t the same. Most of the women tend to hide their identity whereas it is not the case with men. You can see men not being much worried about hiding their identities while being on social media.

The credit also goes to the websites and security which has increased recently and this could be one of the most vital reasons why women are not hiding on social media and dating apps and being modern and outspoken about their choices.


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