Is Bumble a feminist app? Find out here

Bumble is an app which is very similar to other dating apps and the concept of the app is also not something very new. However, there is one feature of the app that makes it a pretty feminist. If you download the app, you will get to know that only women can make the first move on such apps. if you are a man, you can not make any move unless the women are interested in you. Other than this, all rest of the things such as gender, personal information, sexual orientation, pictures, interest is the same as other apps.

According to a famous magazine, what makes Bumble stand out is- “women text first” feature in hetersoexual equations. But when it comes to same sex equations, either party can initiate the conversation. Many people have seen this as an empowering feature for women, that inadvertently gives them an upper hand in the conversation initiation process, perhaps because they can pick and choose who to text and who not to text. Interestingly, if no texts are sent by women within 24 hours, the match expires, and the conversation window is suspended. It is perhaps this “empowering feature” that drove Bumble to market itself as a “feminist” app.

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