Valley Woman created a dating app Vinylly

Vinylly, a dating app for music lovers has been launched in October 2019. The app is for music lovers. Currently android version of this app is in development. This app will match the users of same interest of music. It will match on the basis of the user’s taste of music and the answers of the Music questionnaire.

Phoneix based Rachel Van is a music Lover who creates this app for the users. She says “I started going to concerts as soon as my parents would let me out of the house,” she says, “and up until COVID-19 I would go to one concert a week.”

She created it when she saw people struggling with other dating apps.  “Music spans across ages, demographics and gender,” she says, “and it’s a universally connecting part of our world.”

“For something that is so important to us, whether it be that music is everything in your life or you just really like this one band and you want to be able to share that with someone,” van Nortwick explains, “there isn’t an app out there that connects people based on music compatibility, so I saw the opportunity and created Vinylly” She said.

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