Security flaws in OKCupid dating application

The famous dating app which we all know OkCupid has been the talk of the town since many years. The app is very easy to use and is a free of cost app due to which it has many users from all around the globe.

Also, the app has said to be one of the most trusted app for the dating apps. However, we have heard few things about the app which is not into the favor of the app.

Recently, there are some security issues came in the app which seems to be very serious. On it, the Head of product vulnerability research of OkCupid, Oded Vanunu said- Our research into OKCupid, which is one of the longest-standing and most popular applications in their sector, has led us to raise some serious questions over the security of dating apps. The fundamental questions being: how safe are my intimate details on the application? How easily can someone I don’t know access my most private photos, messages and details? We’ve learned that dating apps can be far from safe,”

The investigation is still going on in this case and nothing has been proven till now. All over, according to the users, the app is good and is easy one for give a kick to your dating life.

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