Canada will get the first access to a new dating app

A new dating app has been designed for the people who like self-expression and creative connection while trying to find romance. The name of this dating app is Spark,which has been already launched in Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg. Now team is planning to bring this app in Canada this summer.

Spark is launched with a view to provide unique experience to the users. “We saw space in the online dating market for an app that could help people to truly customize the way in which they present themselves,” Tobias Plaputta, project lead for Spark, said in a news release.

“We believe that people are more than just a bio, which is why we designed Spark around the concept of ‘frames.’ These include photo filters and interactive question cards that allow users to curate a unique profile, and match with others on what matters to them,” he continued.

Plaputta also mentioned that Spark’s focus is on to find matches based on personality fit, as opposed to crossing items, such as age, height, and weight, off a checklist.

“We think an emphasis on age can distract people from finding the right match,” he said.

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