Tinder’s in app video chat like Bumble – all you need to know

Tinder is a famous dating app which is being used all around the globe for the purpose of making friendship, dating and to get laid off. Now Tinder is going to launch their own one on one video chat this year. The company, Match group has announced that it is going to be launched later this year and since Tinder has many users, it has to be perfect with all the features.

Also, for protection, the app is going to build their own offensive image detection system through which they will be detecting all the abusive messages and can report them. Users only need to chat through the app to whoever they want to. We are confident that demand for human connection will never dissipate and remain committed to fulfilling that need,” the company said in its earnings note. “This period of social isolation would have been much more dire for single people – who no longer have other avenues to meet and connect such as bars and concerts – if not for our products.”

Indeed, it is going to be a great app for the users.

Other than Tinder, other apps have also launched many such features like video calling and face time so that the users can see each other and have a great time dating at home. Tinder did not have this feature earlier but since it is a lock down time, it has this feature too.

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